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Skullcandy headphones make listening a pleasure

Wireless ‘phones means freedom from being tied down to a device

features editor Anand Raj OK
10 May 2016 | 03:13 pm
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I must admit I have an aversion to cables. Of any kind. I’ve come to the conclusion that the long cords of wire secretly take on a life of their own late at night, and when no one is watching - or listening - they begin to do the tango and get themselves into a tangle. At least that’s what the cables attached to my audio-visual systems seem to indicate.

So when I came across Skullcandy’s recent range of wireless ear phones I was truly pleased - for the simple reason that apart from offering quality sound, they now come without cables or wires.

Adding Bluetooth functionality to their already well known and well received audio products, Skullcandy took their audio products to the next level. So now apart from boasting excellent audio quality, comfort and style, the fact that they are wireless means they are convenient to carry along and use just about anywhere.

The earlier wired Grind range was well received for its premium audio experience delivered through minimalist industrial design. Continuing on the tradition, the Grind wireless has the same iconic design but has an integrated amplifier component providing higher power rating and less distortion. Also, a set of high-end drivers offer greater dynamic range.

What’s even better is an extended battery life - 12 hours. It can be recharged with a provided micro USB cable or an included backup AUX cable.

The user-friendly interface and built-in controls make it easy to pair, take calls, and manage tunes on any Bluetooth device.

The right ear cup cleverly integrates a microphone, call, track and volume controls not unlike its precursor the wired Grind model.

The ‘phones connects wirelessly to the device from up to 10 metres away and it auto pairs with the device after initial setup.

The very comfortable synthetic leather ear pillows and the sleek, lightweight brushed metal headband fit perfectly and can be worn for hours without discomfort.

features editor Anand Raj OK

By Anand Raj OK

Features Editor