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Smart home for Christmas

Makook is an affordable service that controls everything from home automation to your entire entertainment system, through a simple mobile app

By Shiva Kumar Thekkepat
29 Nov 2015 | 02:05 pm
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most discussed topic these days, and not only among tech geeks. So, what is the IoT? For the tech challenged, it is the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet, and thereby to each other. This includes everything from mobile phones, headphones, lamps, coffee makers, washing machines, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.

With broadband internet becoming more widely available, more devices are being created with wifi capabilities with sensors built into them.

So, anything that can be connected, will be connected.

While this may sound like so much science fiction, the fact of the matter is it is here, and now! Think of this: it is Christmas eve and you are working. You somehow manage to finish the files and escape home for the festivities. Instead of going home to a cold dark home, imagine if you can switch on the festive lights you’ve laid out around your property, the Christmas tree lights, turn on the fireplace for a cheery glow, and put on some festive music on your music system to greet you as you step in the door.

Fantasy? No, For about a Dh100 monthly fee (with a one-time deposit between Dh 1,200 and Dh2,100 depending on the type of service you choose), you can have all this and more. You can do all of this and more through an app that can be installed in your mobile phone. It can control everything, from home automation to your entire entertainment system. Every electrical device in your home including your television and audio entertainment can be preset and controlled by this simple mobile app. Forgot to turn off the iron box? No problem, just pick up your moble phone and use the app to switch it off.

It’s called Makook, and it also works through your laptop and TV. As your needs grow, the Makook service will expand to include them within it’s ambit. It is like a Lego set for adults. You can continue to add more and new things to your system – such as streaming media, VOD (video on demand), eHealth, eEducation as well as the IoT devices. Not a bad Christmas gift for yourself!

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By Shiva Kumar Thekkepat

By Shiva Kumar Thekkepat