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Myths Vs facts

Worried you’ll get bulky if you lift weights? Crave salty snacks? Snack on cereal bars? Our nutritionist busts some common myths about food, nutrition and exercise

19 Jan 2016 | 01:48 pm
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MYTH #1 I’ll get bulky if I lift weights

TRUTH: Lifting weights will only make you burn more calories and look lean and toned

Women should be more concerned about not having enough muscle rather than too much. Resistance training is the way to go if you are looking at transforming your body shape!

1 pound of fat takes up 4 times more space than 1 pound of muscle. So, if you build some muscle in your thighs and hips, eventually,you start to burn fat since muscle is an active tissue and consumes a lot of calories to maintain itself. The only way to step up your metabolic rate is to gain some muscle mass.

The amount of time, food and determination you need to get “huge and bulky” is like a full time job.

You will not get bulky if you lift weights simply because women don’t have enough testosterone to produce those results.

If you want to look more “toned” you’ve got to be consistent with resistance training. Most of us quit too soon giving this same “I’ll get bulky” excuse because all we want is a “quick weight loss solution.”

No matter what your current fitness levels are just start resistance training and see how you transform the way you look and feel. Take care of the amount of protein you consume when you weight train if you start feeling like you are bulking. Most women make this mistake. Make sure no more than 20 per cent of your calories come from protein in your diet. Balance the remaining out with good slow carbs like sweet potato, fruits and veggies plus throw in some good fats like avocado, ghee, organic butter and nuts.


MYTH #2 Cereal bars serve as a great healthy snack

TRUTH: Most often, the are nothing but disguised “candy bars”

Your cereal bar might say “low fat, fat- free or just 88 kals” but the fact is that most energy bars are glorified candy.

Not all energy bars are bad. However, most of them are loaded with sugar, saturated fats, contain high carbs, and calories. These so-called healthy foods are mostly diet traps, so read the labels of the energy bars before you buy these in the hope of losing weight or snacking on something healthy.

Some points to consider:

1. Make sure the sugar content of the bar is no more than 10 gms and your health bar should never contain high fructose corn syrup.

2. Its a great idea to go organic here. Look for organic protein bars instead of granola bars.

3. Make sure the calorie content of each bar does not exceed 200 calories.

4. These can be used as a quick snack option and not as a replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

5. The sodium content should not go beyond 5% of your daily value.

6. The more natural and simple (and easy to read) the ingredients the better it is for your health.


MYTH#3 I can’t control a craving because I don’t have a strong will power

TRUTH: You have nutritional deficiencies if you are constantly craving certain foods

Not being able to control a craving is rarely about your will power. It is generally your brain or body giving you the signal of a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Take a quick sneak to find out which nutrient you are actually lacking when you have an uncontrollable craving.

Soda and other carbonated drinks: Your calcium levels are compromised. So load up on organic dairy or almonds, sesame seeds ,broccoli and kale

Chocolate: you are low on Magnesium – have some raw nuts, white fish, avocados or soy beans.

Salty food like chips: you are dehydrated and need a whole lot of minerals in your system. Load up on water with some lemon to avoid this.

Information: Rashi Chowdhary, Nutrition & Inch loss expert


Rashi Chowdhary