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  • Infiniti QX60 review

    Infiniti QX60 review

    Infiniti seeks to keep its seven-seater SUV fresh and relevant among much improved competition with a mid-cycle refresh. But are the changes good enough, asks wheels’ Sony Thomas

  • BMW X4 M40i review

    BMW X4 M40i review

    It’s more practical than the 3 Series, more stylish than the X3, and is powered by the M2’s engine

  • Mazda CX-9 review

    Mazda CX-9 review

    The new Mazda CX-9 has all the bells and whistles to make it better than before – apart from the lack of space at the back

  • Ford Edge Titanium review

    Ford Edge Titanium review

    The Edge Sport, with its brilliant 2.7-litre Ecoboost V6, is a potent CUV, but here’s why the cheaper Titanium trim could be the better buy, says wheels’ Imran Malik

  • The all-new Kia Cadenza

    The all-new Kia Cadenza

    In the highly competitive family hauler segment, Kia’s new Cadenza is making a smart statement

  • Renault Koleos review

    Renault Koleos CUV review

    Renault’s new Koleos is the best of three worlds – French, Japanese and Korean – but is it a perfect car? The jury is still out on that

  • Honda Accord Sport review

    Honda Accord Sport review

    The Honda V6 strikes the right accord

  • Mercedes-Benz SL 400 review

    Mercedes-Benz SL 400 review

    Sporty looks but equally refined, Merc’s new SL 400 convertible offers pure driving pleasure

  • Isuzu mu-X review

    Isuzu mu-X review

    It may not be the best-looking ride but the Isuzu mu-X is a tough companion

  • Renault Talisman review

    Renault Talisman review

    French carmaker Renault’s updated Talisman is a looker, but can it rival the Germans, Japanese and Koreans?