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Ask the expert: how can I lose weight with PCOD?

While medication is important, diet and exercise need to be right on top when tackling PCOD

15 Mar 2016 | 02:19 pm

For the past three years, I’ve been on medication for polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). I’m still gaining weight. None of my clothes fit. What can I eat to feel better?

Let’s get this straight. While medication is important, diet and exercise need to be right on top when tackling PCOD – where patients have small cysts in their ovaries – and other metabolic disorders. If you have PCOD, your hormones are all over 
the place. With that sort of internal body environment, burning body fat will become challenging, and so will keeping your skin healthy. If you don’t focus on balancing your hormones now, your weight issue and skin condition will only deteriorate further.

While continuing on your medication for PCOD, focus on eating well so you can avoid long-term medication.

Have a tbsp of coconut oil or a tbsp of organic butter first thing in the morning. Get off dairy completely and switch to coconut milk or almond milk. The hormones and antibiotics in dairy, especially milk, will only worsen the situation.

Taking 2,000mg of omega-3 will help balance your hormones. Start cooking your meals in ghee, butter, coconut oil or mustard oil. Avoid cooking in cheap vegetable oils that do not contribute to your healthy quota of nutrients 
in any way.

Take up strength training three times a week and focus on lifting weights to accelerate the rate at which you burn fat. All of this will not be easy but I have seen my clients reverse PCOD with these small changes.

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Rashi Chowdhary

is a nutritionist, an inch-loss expert and a certified diabetic educator. She can be contacted on 050 181 5030.