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Ask the expert: I’m 100kg and want to lose weight

Your weight is 100kg now and it seems like you have been at this weight for a while

23 Aug 2016 | 04:30 pm

I weigh 100 kg, my fat percentage is 50 and I have insulin resistance. I have been on a low-fat diet for a long time. I eat whole grains. I’ve been having only fruits for dinner for the past three weeks. Last month I went on a juice diet, but yet I lost only 3kg. Please help.

What you need to change first is your perspective.

Your weight is 100kg now and it seems like you have been at this weight for a while. You are constantly looking for a quick fix such as juices and detox diets. Remember, a quick fix is never a good fix when it comes to health.

You need to understand that your metabolism is upset. When you have too much excess weight, all of your regular body functions slow down.

Plus, your cells are not receptive or sensitive to one of the most important hormones, insulin.

Insulin in the right amount can help us achieve steady mood, appetite and body weight or shape. Since you are insulin resistant, methods like eating whole grains, going on a low-fat diet or a juice-based one are not going to help you. These are in fact completely the opposite of what you should be doing.

If you want to get rid of the extra kilos forever, you need to start focusing on fixing your hormones first.

At this point, your body is carb-dependent, which means it needs carbohydrates for energy. If you want to reverse insulin resistance and break this vicious cycle, you need to become fat-dependent.

Fat dependency means you need to start allowing your body to use fat as its preferred source of energy. 
So I would recommend that you start your day with a butter coffee, which is a tablespoon of organic pasteurised unsalted butter blended in black coffee, to make your body fat-dependent.

Do not eat anything for the next two hours after you have this mixture. All through the day you will need to eat foods rich in protein and fats, such as whole eggs, nuts, coconut meat and avocados.

Within 12 weeks of eating this way, your body cells will be more receptive to insulin and you will also be dropping fat consistently.

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Rashi Chowdhary

is a nutritionist, an inch-loss expert and a certified diabetic educator. She can be contacted on 050 181 5030.