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Ask the expert: I need to lose my muffin top

Even with diet and exercise, it is hard to target certain fat pockets

29 Mar 2016 | 11:26 am

After the birth of my children, I have been exercising regularly and following a healthy diet, but I still can’t shift my muffin top and have developed fat pockets on my outer thighs too. Could you help?

Even with diet and exercise, it is hard to target certain fat pockets. It’s also hard to lose fat in the right proportions when we lose weight.

There is a day case surgical procedure using the Vaser liposuction technique, which is widely used across America and Europe. Based on ultrasound technology, it sets the ultrasound waves at a specific frequency, targeting fat cells and leaving the surrounding blood vessels and tissue relatively intact.

It is less painful, offers quicker recovery, and in the majority of cases it is possible to go back to the gym after 10 days. This procedure is done under sedation, not general anaesthesia. But choose a surgeon who is experienced in these procedures for the best results.

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Maurizio and Roberto Viel

are Italian plastic surgeons at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai.