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Ask the expert: is combination treatment safe?

We’d recommend a maximum of two surgeries at any one time

30 May 2016 | 04:37 pm

I’ve heard combination treatments – like getting a face lift, tummy tuck and lipo all at once – are a cheaper and less time-consuming approach to cosmetic surgery. Would you recommend this to someone who is middle-aged and wants a body overhaul? Is it safe or just a fad for people to get more than they need?

There are patients who may have the indications and requirements to have these combination surgeries. So to answer part of your question, yes, it would work out cheaper.

However, we must make it clear that no reputable surgeon would consider that many surgeries at the same time. The reason is that multiple surgeries carry increased risks of complications and the time under sedation would be prolonged over the recommended time. This would also put stress on the body, which for elective procedures would be an unnecessary risk.

We’d recommend a maximum of two surgeries at any one time. The body can heal better and the patient would not experience too much discomfort and pain. It is also important for the surgeon to assess the patient’s overall health before performing any surgery.

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Maurizio and Roberto Viel

are Italian plastic surgeons at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai.