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Ask the expert: wanted: a diet for vegetarians

It is a misconception that being vegetarian means you aren’t getting enough nutrients

22 Mar 2016 | 10:46 am

I am a vegetarian and I’m finding it difficult to get all the nutrients that I need. Could you suggest a low-carb, weight loss diet that would help me stay fit and healthy?

It is a misconception that being vegetarian means you aren’t getting enough nutrients. Eating sufficient calories, hydrating well, having a proper sleep-wake cycle and being hormonally healthy all help in increasing the uptake of nutrients from food. Taking care of your gut health helps in absorption of nutrients as well.

Going low on carbs can be challenging, but everyone’s metabolism is unique and a low-carb diet is not always essential for weight loss. Instead, try a combination of nuts, seeds, nut butters and lentils such as masoor and green moong. Avocados as a snack in the form of spreads, dips or frozen into a mousse with coconut milk, dates and coco powder are ideal and you can switch from using wheat to gram flour in rotis as well.

Focus on increasing your protein intake through the day. This keeps you full as well as rectifies the carb-to-protein ratio among vegetarians since most have way more carbs. Green veggies like broccoli have as much as 4.5g carbs in just 30 calories, spinach has a whopping 5g per cup. Pseudo carbs such as quinoa over rice, and couscous can help with weight loss too.

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