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Ask the expert: wanted: a quick solution for acne

A correct treatment plan can only be suggested after a proper skin examination

Dr Ikramullah Al Nasir
13 Jan 2016 | 02:38 pm

I’m a teenage girl suffering from severe acne that leave scars. Please suggest a quick fix, as I have a relative’s wedding to attend next month. I’ve been trying a lot of products, but nothing seems to be working.

Unfortunately, your problem cannot be fixed in this short period of time. Post-acne scars are often a result of suffering from severe nodulocystic acne in the past, particularly those that weren’t treated at all, partially treated or treated 
too late.

Acne sufferers who tend to frequently pick their pimples also suffer from scars. These could be hypertrophic (elevated bumpy scars) or atrophic (depressed, ice-picked scars).

A correct treatment plan can only be suggested after a proper skin examination. Available treatment options include chemical peels, dermabrasions and skin surfacing lasers.

In selective severe cases, punch skin grafting can also be opted for.

However, none of the above treatments can be quick-fix solutions to your problem.

I guess good-quality concealers are the only option for you at the moment.

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Dr Ikramullah Al Nasir

Dr Ikramullah Al Nasir

is a specialist dermatologist and founder and president of Dermacare Skin Health Services.