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Ask the expert: weight loss has led to acne

I recommend that you eat clean for the next 60 days

25 Mar 2016 | 12:00 am

I’m a 28-year-old man, 1.87m tall and 93kg. Over the past year I’ve lost 15kg with a healthy diet and persistent workout. I have a fat percentage of 20, down from 33. I’ve increased my protein intake with whey protein shakes and various foods. But I’m now suffering from severe acne. Please help.

I’m truly impressed with your efforts and results. I am also glad you are focusing on your body fat percentage rather than just your weight.

Whey protein and acne are often said to be linked, but in my opinion that’s a myth. Having said that, if you are consuming high-quality protein such as chicken and eggs, I wouldn’t advise you have a protein shake unless your gym instructor recommends it.

You can get optimal amounts of efficient protein just by consuming natural protein from food. Either you are consuming way too much protein or you are sensitive to the lactose in your protein shake.

I recommend that you eat clean for the next 60 days. By which I mean you remove anything inflammatory from your diet. Avoid wheat, dairy, refined sugar, lentils and peanuts. Focus on eating rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, meat, eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables and avocado.

Step up the amount of water you are consuming through the day so your body can process the protein well. 
I am certain your skin will dramatically improve.

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Rashi Chowdhary

is a nutritionist, an inch-loss expert and a certified diabetic educator. She can be contacted on 050 181 5030.