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Blue collar talent show is back

Smart Idol annual talent contest finale on April 22 in Dubai

6 Apr 2016 | 02:26 pm
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Think Indian Idol for the blue collar workers. Smart Idol, that was launched in 2012 as an annual talent contest, is back for its 2016 edition.

More than 2,000 blue-collar performers auditioned from various labour camps in the UAE over a six-month period and through performance and elimination have been whittled down to 14 finalists, seven each for the two categories of singing and dancing.

The finalists underwent a grueling weekly training session for the last three months leading up to the finale of Smart Idol, scheduled for April 22.

Previous winners of Smart Idol have made it big. The 2014 winner Ejaaz Ahmed who was a restaurant delivery person, was snapped up by a talent manager after the win and he went on to sing for ZEE TV programmes, and now sings professionally.

Smart Idol 2015 winner Biji Mol who is a bus conductor at a local school in Dubai has been actively performing at events around the region.

The grand finale on April 22, to be hosted at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium at the Indian High school; will bring to the fore two more talents who may make it big in future.