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Clean up the house before going on vacation

With holidays just around the corner, it’s time for the pre-vacation clean-up

21 Jun 2016 | 03:25 pm
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Cleaning experts suggest a list of six things that must be done to ensure a happy homecoming after the holidays.


Don’t leave dirty dishes

If you don’t wash the dishes before you leave on vacation you may have to throw them away when you return. Food gets crusty and can be difficult to remove from the dishes. Another wise move would be to throw your old sponge away after doing the dishes - they can harbour a huge amount of bacteria after use.


Time to take out the trash

There’s nothing worse than coming home after the holidays to a horrible smell because you forgot to throw the garbage out. In summer, heat is best friends with bacteria found in the trash, so, before you go on vacation, be sure to remove the plastic bag from the bucket and make sure the bin itself is free from moisture and waste. Also, keep in mind that you should also throw the trash in the bathrooms and do a tour of the house to make sure not to find surprises on your return.


Clean out your fridge

Decomposed food left in the fridge can smell most foul in no time. The fridge poses a greater challenge than the waste bin. Mold spores from affected food can build up undetected in the fridge and affect fresh food. Throw away any food that could potentially rot during your vacation.


Disinfect your drains

When you leave for holiday and the weather gets hotter, insects are likes to seek refuge in your house. Disinfect your drains with natural products. Let hot water run through the drains for about 15 seconds. When the drain is heated, pour a teaspoon of baking soda in and continue to run hot water for a further 15 seconds. This will kill the majority of odours. Another option is to pour a cup of vinegar or lemon juice down the drain and let it set for 30 minutes before flushing it down with hot water.


Do the laundry

The longer clothes stay dirty, the more developed and resistant their odours will become. Bacteria thrives when it is exposed to three things: organic material, warmth and moisture. This makes your dirty clothes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so remember to wash dirty clothes, bedsheets and towels, before you leave.


Unplug electrical appliances

Most appliances generally consume at least some electricity, even when left just plugged in. However, some appliances consume a lot of energy even when on standby mode. The cumulative effect of leaving them on and plugged in whilst away will add up. Before leaving on your voyage unplug your computers and TVs, along with DVD players, TV boxes and all your kitchen appliances. You will be saving yourself money besides becoming more eco-friendly.

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