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‘Desk jockeys suffer from spinal problems’

Excessive hours spent on computers and smartphones can lead to severe back issues, warn experts

21 Mar 2016 | 05:03 pm
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If you thought the extra hour put at your desk would add to your paycheck, think again. Doctors have now determined that the substantial amounts of time spent working on the computer, as well as the increased use of smart phones and electronic touch pads, have led to a dramatic increase in the incidence of back pain and health issues due to bad posture.

As you spend more time with your head and neck flexed in a forward position staring at your screen, you are creating excessive muscle tightness in the neck and back and putting abnormal pressure on your disc and spinal joint which can lead to gradual misalignment and degeneration. Although this is not hereditary, most children are now inheriting these tendencies as they too spend a lot of time in this same damaging position while playing on their electronics or texting their friends.

‘When you consider that most people already have misalignments of spinal bones from previous minor or major traumas that are creating spinal problems and eventual pain, then the bad posture of this technology-age is accelerating the decline in health from these uncorrected misalignments which further damage the nerves and muscles,’ says Dr. Stan Pierce, founder, CEO, and lead instructor for EPIC (Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections) and clinical director of the Atlas Spinal Center, Dubai.

The longer the spine remains misaligned, the more damaged it will become, he says. ‘Having your spinal alignment checked periodically is essential to correct misalignments and prevent the development of major dysfunction, degeneration and pain. Most people don’t know this and therefore wait until their pains have become intolerable before they go to a doctor looking for relief. Keeping your alignment corrected, maintaining good posture, and exercising are the best ways to avoid having to get treated for ongoing back pain and other health problems.’

For those requiring treatment, Dr. Pierce recommends a treatment known as EPIC (Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections) that is now available in Dubai. ‘It is a non-surgical, gentle, effective technique, and if done periodically by a specialized EPIC doctor, aligns the atlas bone which can correct spinal problems and help prevent a lot of health problems in the future,’ he says.