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How kids can stay safe online

E-safe society offers tips to protect children from all types of exploitation, says Zenifer Khaleel

Zenifer Khaleel
19 Sep 2016 | 03:38 pm
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As a parent or caregiver, taking extensive measures to protect children from online threats is of prime importance.

Bearing this in mind, the E-Safe Society in Abu Dhabi was established as a non-profit organization under Ministry of Community Development in October 2015 with the prime goal of creating a safer online experience for the society and protecting children from all types of exploitation. It strives to be a centre of excellence by educating and raising awareness, building capacity, assuming an observatory and advisory role and collaborating with multi-stakeholders to contribute to the nation’s prosperity. ‘Most risks faced by the digital generation, in the online world happen where the parents feel they are the safest – in their own home. This is why Child Online Protection (COP) is perhaps the most urgent and important cause of the day,’ says Mohammed Mustafa , COO of the ESafe Society.

‘The E-SAFE message is to start kids early on Online Safety. Around the time they learn to be careful while crossing the road, is a self-good value. Responsible online behavior and safety must be imbibed and embedded as a positive culture in the formative years and everyone has a role to make this happen,’ says Tena Conil, Director of PR and Marketing for ESafe.

Last month, ESafe released a video as part of their Youth Online Safety campaign. It showed how Whatsapp privacy can be compromised within a mere 30 seconds. They have also created the ‘#SafeUpWhatsapp’ hashtag to raise awareness on the issue.

The ESafe Society has formulated a comprehensive list for protecting children from the threats of the virtual world. Here are a few tips

5 smart rules for children/young adults

Using the Internet is fun. Enjoy it most by keeping yourself safe. Here are a few basic rules you could follow

1. Do not open email attachments from sources or programs you do not know.

2. When you need to register for a particular service, use a password that would be hard to figure out.

3. Block anyone approaching you using rude, intruding or threatening emails or comments. If you see something that bothers you, talk about this with your parents or someone you trust.

4. Send personal photos and videos only to those you know very well. Similarly, before sending videos or photographs of others, you should always ask for their permission

5. Ensure you take along a parent of a trusted adult before meeting an online friend in real life.

5 smart rules for parents

1. Keep the computer in a common room

2. Familiarise yourself with the internet sites used by children and install Parental Control, firewall and antivirus software in all devices

3. Enforce house rules about using the internet and personal devices, giving particular attention to issues of privacy, age inappropriate sites, bullying and stranger danger

4. Investigate online resources for further information about online safety and how to use the internet in a positive way

5. Understand how children use other personal devices such as mobile phones, games consoles, MP3 players and PDAs

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Zenifer Khaleel

Zenifer Khaleel