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My fabulous Friday: DJ Bliss aka Marwan Parham Al Awadhi

When the 35-year-old Emirati DJ takes a break from spinning chartbusters at international turntables, he has a full plate with Game of Thrones marathons, Ferrari drives and desserts

Shreeja Ravindranathan
4 Oct 2016 | 11:39 am
  • DJ Bliss



Friday is a day that I dedicate to my family because it’s the only day all of us siblings are free and gather at my father Younes’ house. My entire family has a creative bent: my eldest brother is a singer and plays the guitar, my brothers Mohammad and Peyman host the travel show Peeta Planet, and my younger brother is a very creative film-maker. My sister Sahar is a chef at the Burj Al Arab.


I bought a Ferrari last year. I always wanted one so when the opportunity came up I splurged on it as a treat for all the hard work I’ve done. I love taking it out for a spin when I’m in Dubai.



Dessert is my weakness. I believe it’s a cheat day every day! I eat at different places all the time. For good street food from around the world I head to Karama, for something new and cool it’s BoxPark. Al Ustad Kabab in Bur Dubai, Bu Qtair seafood at the fishing village in Jumeirah and a shawarma from Al Mallah in Al Dhiyafa are must-tries!


As a radio and TV presenter, and DJ, I’ve had the opportunity to spend many a weekend interviewing and collaborating with celebs like James Blunt, Wyclef Jean, Akon… But Will Smith is a favourite. He’s one of the nicest guys ever. He gives you great advice, he’s inspirational and funny.



On days off I simply sit on the sofa at my home in Jumeirah and watch TV shows. I’m a hardcore fan of Game of Thrones. I powered through seasons 1 to 6 in two weeks! Or I’ll go to the mall and check out electronics and furniture stores like Ikea or Ace Hardware. I love fixing things. I’m a great handyman.


I can play football for hours but 30 minutes in a gym and I’m bored. So that’s my preferred and only form of exercise. If I really need some downtime then I simply meditate at home for a while.



Los Angeles is my favourite city after Dubai and I’m frequently there to holiday. Out there I feel like I’m a local, and I fit in, plus it’s the entertainment capital of the world so I’m there a lot for work too. The good weather is such a bonus.


My weekends are mostly packed with DJ’ing gigs, but I don’t mind because I love the live element of seeing people and the energy you get from them, especially at big Dubai clubs like People by Crystal – one of my favourites – and The VIP Room. I love house music as the energy you get from people is so much better than with hip-hop.

Shreeja Ravindranathan

Shreeja Ravindranathan

Lifestyle Writer