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My fabulous Friday: Linzi Stoppard

The 37-year-old electric violinist, who wowed Dubai at a gala recently, has been performing to awed galleries the world over. She talks to Friday about enjoying the praise and unwinding in the wild

By Shreeja Ravindranathan
22 Mar 2016 | 09:54 am
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Reel love

One of my favourite films is Empire of the Sun. Written by my father-in-law Sir Tom Stoppard, it stars my favourite actor Christian Bale, and to top it all, it is made by the legendary Steven Spielberg. For me it is a classic.


It’s rocking

Violin is traditionally associated with classical music and I’m so glad that I, along with artists like Joan Jett and Led Zeppelin, have broken that belief. It’s great to come across kids choosing violin over other instruments.


Hide out

Whenever I have a little time off, I love to go to Brush Creek Ranch Lodge and Spa in Saratoga, Wyoming. I love the outdoors, and the unspoilt wilderness setting there. It is a great place to relax, unwind and spoil yourself, and the spa is out of this world. My kind of haven.


A date with Dubai

I love Dubai. The audience is really very receptive and warm, and gave us a standing ovation, which was quite a surprise. The aquarium in The Dubai Mall had me totally impressed.


Roses make me happy

When I’m at home in London, I love to go for long walks in either Hyde Park or Regent’s Park. I love the rose garden in Regent’s. It is so peaceful out there and almost instantly clears my mind.

In aid of

I support many charities. One I’m working particularly closely with at the moment is the UK’s Macmillan Cancer Support.

Fan club

From serenading Ringo Starr with a rendition of Octopus’s Garden to Katy Perry complimenting my matching Swarovski high heels and violin when performing in Singapore – my most memorable performance as well – and supporting Bryan Adams at Royal Albert Hall, I’m enjoying the praise from the fraternity.

Heated workouts

Fuse, my band, is now more an energetic electric act, so it helps to tone my arms. Aside from that I like the elliptical trainer. I’m not fond of running, but my husband, Will, and I get into boot camps in the summer.

By Shreeja Ravindranathan

By Shreeja Ravindranathan

Lifestyle Writer