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My fabulous Friday: Martin Garrix

The 19-year-old Dutch DJ and producer, whose chart-topping track Animals became a massive summer sensation, talked to us about his love for hoverboards and sleep during his recent gig at Meydan in Dubai

By Colin Drury
18 Jan 2016 | 05:23 pm
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I love comedy films. When I’m not on tour I enjoy dinner with the family and watching movies – 22 Jump Street is a favourite.


I heart sleep

I really, really love to sleep. Touring for concerts means very little sleep, so whenever I have a day off, I try to catch up. If I’m up at breakfast time I head out to this little shopping mall near my house to grab some avocado and toast.


Outdoor soul

It’s important to stay fit to keep up with my hectic touring schedules and performances, but it’s hard to find the time. When I do I love to swim, go climbing and windsurfing.


Top tune

I’m currently listening to electronic music band Disclosure and singer Lorde’s new track, Magnet (VIP remix). It sets an upbeat mood for my weekend.


Amazing Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city to live in. When I’m here I love renting a canal boat and exploring the city with friends. We’ll have dinner at the W hotel and go to the Leidseplein area for some great nightlife.


Growing up

I’ve just moved out of my parents’ place last year and I now get to live in the awesome new apartment I bought. They just finished doing up the studio in there, so now that’s where I spend a lot of time working on new stuff. It has been exciting creating tracks with big names like Usher, Ed Sheeran and Tiesto in the past. I’m looking forward to doing more of that.


Mum’s the word

If I was a good cook I would make more dinners for my mum. I think I’m able to make a fantastic omelette and pancake. But pizza is my comfort food when things aren’t exactly going my way.


Hovering around

I love those hoverboards. I simply can’t get enough of zooming around on them at weekends. I think they’re the coolest new gadgets.


I’m not really picky when it comes to clothing. As long as it’s comfy and black, I’ll wear it.

By Colin Drury

By Colin Drury