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My fabulous Friday: Noor Breish

The 29-year-old fashion director of UAE-based prêt-à-porter rental website, Designer-24, indulges her girly and sporty sides by listening to Taylor Swift and mastering left hooks

By Shreeja Ravindranathan
13 Jan 2016 | 09:40 am
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Morning glory

I’m a morning person, so even on weekends I’m up bright and early. Since we often work on weekends as well, I prefer to eat a light breakfast such as figs with honey, or dates and a glass of milk. It packs enough energy to keep me going through long meetings and photo shoots.


Flower child

Violet and jasmine are my favourite flowers. They remind me of vacations, dreams, love and happiness. I wear Paris-based Provençal perfumer Annick Goutal’s Le Jasmin in summer and La Violette in winter.


I love to walk around The Dubai Mall on weekends because I’m in the fashion industry and I’m always curious to know what’s 
in vogue. I prefer to wear what I think looks nice on me. I’m not one to run after trends.


Pack a punch

I play tennis and I do boxing at Round 10 Boxing Club with my coach Tamara. I prefer to work out after a long day at work and then take it easy the rest of the evening.

Movie maniac

I can watch The Lord of The Rings trilogy or Star Wars films every weekend – I loved these stories growing up. I love all kinds of movies, so I have movie marathons with friends, going to the cinema every day. I just saw all the older Star Wars episodes before watching The Force Awakens – it was pretty good!


Girl squad

I’m blessed to have many close friends in my life. However, I spend most of my time with my Designer-24 girls [founders] Ranya Khalil and Sara Alemzadeh. We’re friends before anything else, and I have some of the best laughs with them.

Sing along

I’ve been listening to Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding on repeat, as well as everything Taylor Swift. I can be quite cheesy. These songs make me feel really happy as I’m such a girly girl!


Memories of home

London is my home town, but I love Cotswold the most. It’s in the countryside. I used to go with friends and family in a big group, rent a big cottage and spend the days taking long walks, enjoying home-cooked dinners and sitting around the fireplace.

Get me just desserts

Kunafa and Umm Ali are my favourite desserts. I have a sweet tooth, so when it’s the weekend, I make sure to include either one of them into my meals. When I really want to indulge though, it’s burgers and fries, hands down!


Read, repeat

I wouldn’t mind reading Amin Maalouf’s Ports of Call, or any of his books, every other weekend. He makes you feel like you’re living the story.

By Shreeja Ravindranathan

By Shreeja Ravindranathan

Acting Junior Writer