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My fabulous Friday: Pierre Gagnaire

The 65-year-old Michelin-star chef from Paris – recently voted the world’s greatest – takes time during a visit to his restaurant Reflets at InterContinental Dubai Festival City to reveal his weekend favourites

By Colin Drury
8 Feb 2016 | 05:00 pm
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Fitness fever

Working out is important to me. It allows me to keep my energy and focus. I will either go for a run with my dog or visit the gym, where my personal trainer forces me to do cardio. I don’t like it at the time but it is effective.


Breakfast beginnings

I always start my Friday – and every day – with a glass of room-temperature water with lemon juice. It’s very healthy as it eliminates toxins and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Later, I have a fairly simple breakfast with tea, toasted bread, salted butter, honey and fresh juice.


Dubai delights

I tend to visit Dubai a couple of times a year and I always try to go out into the desert and gaze at the stars in the night sky, or watch a gorgeous sunset. These are great moments. It is a wonderful city for this.


Country walks

We have a family home in the countryside about 100km from Paris, where we go most weekends. We take walks looking for mushrooms in the woods, picking nuts with our three children, letting the dog run around. Then we go in and, at this time of year, we’ll have a big roaring fire.


Chef’s treat

Many chefs don’t enjoy cooking on their days off, but I love it. I like using leftovers and creating simple dishes: salads, grilled fare, steamed vegetables, pasta. Sometimes my wife Sylvie does the cooking though – and then I’m not allowed to help at all.

Humble joys

One of my most simple pleasures is to get away from all gadgets. I like to read – books and newspapers – enjoy coffee, take time to think, try and understand the world, talk with people I love. That to me is perfect.

Old-timey tunes

I like to listen to music to de-stress after a hard week. I love jazz from the Sixties and, of course, classical. At the moment, I’m rediscovering The Beatles’ White Album. It makes me very happy and nostalgic. There is so much energy in those songs.

By Colin Drury

By Colin Drury