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My fabulous Friday: Ranbir Kapoor

The Bollywood heart-throb and star of hits such as Tamasha and Barfi! may be one of the world’s highest-paid actors, but he prefers spending time with family and kicking the ball when he’s free

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14 Mar 2016 | 04:18 pm
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Easy-peasy fitness

I haven’t had to work out too hard for any movie yet, so my regimen is pretty simple – basic weight training for an hour a day, even on weekends. Diet is an important aspect of fitness too and it’s essential to eat breakfast. If there’s time I’ll have juice, an omlette of egg whites and a sandwich or parathas.

Family forever

I don’t see myself ever leaving my parents (actors Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor). A mother is always the first and last love, and I hope I can keep my mother happy always. I’m grateful for my father’s energy in my life because it keeps me on my toes. He’s my biggest critic and reality check. I have to make him proud always.


Old is gold

I am a huge fan of old Bollywood music. Kishore Kumar is one of my favourite singers. I’m also fond of songs by bands like U2, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons. As long as it is not too loud and noisy or heavy metal, I enjoy listening to all kinds of music.


Empire state of mind

I love New York! Be it for shopping or just travelling I love going there. It’s a very special city for me, as I spent four years of my life there as a student – at the School of Visual Arts and The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Living alone on my own, making mistakes and learning from them, is when I really grew up.


Telly talkies

I love watching TV shows during my free time. Breaking Bad and Friends are two shows I can always watch. I also enjoy Empire. I haven’t got a chance to tune into Game of Thrones yet. Maybe I’ll check that out soon.

My kinda normal

I hardly get days off to enjoy a proper weekend. But when I do, I just want to be at home doing normal things like spending time with family and eating home-made food.

Carnivorous cravings

I love non-vegetarian food. Give me anything that’s non-veg and I’ll devour it. I prefer home-cooked food more than food from restaurants. I like paaya (trotters) and butter chicken. I grew up on the paaya my grandmother makes at home. As for cooking, I can only whip up a meal of scrambled eggs.

Footie fever

I adore football. I try and make time to play at least once a week and it’s honestly the best workout ever. As a fan, it’s always been my dream to be part of a football team and now I own Mumbai City FC. I never imagined I would ever own a team!

By Bblitz Media

By Bblitz Media