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My fabulous Friday: Reem Salman

The Jordanian-Italian founder of Belquis, a luxury handbag range, on juggling law and designing leather, listening to Andrea Bocelli and stuffing vine leaves with zucchini for her 20-month-old son

By Shreeja Ravindranathan
8 Mar 2016 | 11:35 am
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Reach for the stars

I am really honoured that actresses such as Mona Zaki and Hend Sabry have been spotted carrying Belquis bags. They have 
a lot of fans in the region, and are my favourites as well. It is inspiring, and I feel wonderful to see notable women adding their personal touch to outfits with our lovely pieces.


Balancing act

I work full-time in Doha as regional counsel for a multinational company, and visit Dubai once a month on business related to my company, Belquis. Finding a balance between being a working mum-of-two and entrepreneur is challenging. But I believe in enjoying the present, so when I’m with my husband, 20-month-old son Enzo and newborn Gabriella, I truly enjoy 
our time together.


Couture craze

I’ve always loved Oscar de la Renta, Gucci and Valentino; I usually choose a few pieces from their collections and pair them with other brands for an elegant but simple look. Recently I’d bought a Dior dress and shoes for my baby shower.


Fun with food

My favourite restaurant is Mirabelle in Hotel Splendide Royale Rome. The food is phenomenal and the view, captivating. In Dubai, we love dining at Zuma for the ambience, food and drinks. I’m also nutty about Nutella. I remember being thrilled to find tiny jars that can fit in handbags. I love to cook whenever I have time, and my special is stuffed zucchini in vine leaves. My son loves the veggie!


Queen of hearts

If I could spend a Friday getting to know someone, I’d love to meet Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan. She’s such an inspiration to women, always poised and deeply involved in advocacy work on so many global issues at the same time! And I absolutely admire her sense of fashion.

Magic scents

My favourite perfume at present is L’Instant Magic by Guerlain – a soft fragrance with a powdery mist. At night, I prefer Wild Fig & Cassis Cologne by Jo Malone paired with a sweet blossom one. I love scents!

Bella Italia

The affair between women and designer bags is never-ending. I’ve always loved classic Italian leather bags – they’ve been my greatest inspiration after my mother, who is Italian. I think leather bags are magical, and this motivated me to start Belquis in 2012.


Morning melodies

I’m a fan of classical Italian musician Andrea Bocelli. I love listening to him in the morning after I drop off Enzo at his nursery. I particularly love the blend of opera and pop music, but my all-time favourite remains O Mare E Tu (The Sea and You) featuring the Portuguese Fado singer Dulce Pontes.

By Shreeja Ravindranathan

By Shreeja Ravindranathan

Lifestyle Writer