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Saudi women win Philadelphia’s award

Creativity for a Cause Award given away in Dubai

29 May 2016 | 05:31 pm
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Manar Alomayri, a faculty-member from Saudi university Dar Al Hekma, received the region-wide women’s empowerment Creativity for a Cause 2016 Award, instituted by Philadelphia. With a total of 3,652 votes, the GCC winner was awarded for her idea and vision to create an online library for Arabic audiobooks at a recently held gala ceremony in Dubai. With 178 votes, Soraya Darwish from Dar Al Hekma was recognized for another engaging idea of empowering women of Saudi Arabia by opening up job opportunities for them.

The award instituted by Mondelēz International seven years ago has grown into a community-driven movement today. The awards recognize unique and inspirational ideas for the benefit of the community, and engage women citizens and residents.

The Creativity for a Cause Campaign works with women to enable active participation and to generate simple ideas that address future needs for happier communities. The final winner and prize are determined based on the number of votes garnered. Hence this year’s winner received Saudi Arabial Riyal 50,000 which was the principal amount, plus 3,652 votes at SAR 5 per vote: SAR68,260. The University winner received SAR25,000 as principal amount, plus 178 votes at SAR 5 per vote: SAR25,890.