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Shah Rukh Khan to shoot for his first Bollywood theme park ride

Behind the scenes of the making of Don: The Chase - Bollywood Parks Dubai’s thrilling 3D immersion tunnel

31 Aug 2016 | 02:37 pm

With the launch around the corner, Bollywood Parks Dubai, the world’s first Bollywood inspired theme park set to open on October 31 2016, there’s a lot of excitement in store.

The park has partnered with Shah Rukh Khan to shoot the high speed chase scenes for its immersive 3D ride – Don: The Chase which will premiere at the opening of Bollywood Parks Dubai.

While shooting for the ride, the Bollywood star said, “The park is a mix of rides, excitement and adventure, while staying true to the ethos of Bollywood. Films are a reflection of reality where we strongly believe in our hopes, and the same will be translated to the park where you will have fun!”

With the fans and families of Dubai waiting for the opening of the theme park, the fine detailing of the elements recreated from the actual movie witnessed during the chase, will cast the feel of being a part of the movie.