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Special Du numbers auction to help charity

Al Jalila Foundation to benefit from charity auction of Du’s unique mobile numbers

By Shiva Kumar Thekkepat
27 Jan 2016 | 04:25 pm
Fancy the number 052 111 1111? You just have to bid for it at a charity auction that OnLine Auctions will organize on February 6 for Du in collaboration with Al Jalila Foundation. The number 052 111 1111 will be the most sought after among the exclusive numbers, offered with special packages under different categories.
The initiative is a result of the unprecedented success of last year’s auction. Part of the proceeds from the 2015 du special numbers auction went to two charitable initiatives, Alam Wa Amal on Sharjah TV and Emarat El Kheir on Noor Dubai Radio Channel. They benefitted over 90 charity projects, like building mosques, arranging Umrah trips, as well as individual cases for people in need and special medical cases.
This year’s auction proceeds will go towards supporting the Al Jalila Foundation in scientific and medical research.

By Shiva Kumar Thekkepat

By Shiva Kumar Thekkepat

Features Writer