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Thomas Kosmala: Master of the scents

Thomas Kosmala tells Friday how he built a career in fragrance and his secrets to wearing scents

Louise Emma Clarke
21 Nov 2016 | 11:41 am
  • Thomas Kosmala


Independent perfumer Thomas Kosmala has been creating fragrances at his stunning HQ in the south of France for a decade. While he’s originally from Poland and now lives in London, Thomas is fascinated with the Middle East and its love of scent. His latest range, the Signature Collection, which is inspired by our region, features four fragrances that use ingredients such as oud, rose, amber and violet. He tells Friday how he built a career in fragrance and his secrets to wearing scents.

When did your love for fragrance begin?

It started when I was working in London with aromatherapy oils. I began to realise how important the smell of things are and it made me want to look further into it. This led me to begin my career in fragrance.

Where did your inspiration come for your Signature Collection?

The collection is inspired by the Middle East but the combination of ingredients was chosen to send the customer on a journey. Each ingredient is in its purest form so the scent will last longer.

Your factory is based in France – do you source a lot of your ingredients there or does it depend on the brief?

My ingredients are of the best quality and are sourced from all over the world, however they are processed at my factory in France. It’s a magical process when we bring all these ingredients together in there.

Are there any particular scents you think work well together?

I would never say there are any ingredients that don’t work together. Never say never, and try everything. I do love to smell powdery and musky scents together.

How important is the way someone smells?

It is more important than people would ever realise. The way someone smells is often the first thing you’ll notice about them and the thing you will remember for the longest after you have met them.

Where is the best part of the body to apply fragrance?

Firstly this depends on the person’s own taste, and secondly where they are or what they are doing that day. If you were at work or on a long flight, for example, and wanted something subtle you would apply scent to your wrists, but if you wanted something stronger you would apply fragrance to your chest and neck area.

Are there different rules to wearing scent for men and women?

The rules are the same. All my fragrances are unisex and can smell very different on men and women as they adapt to the person.

Which celebrity would you like to create a scent for, and what would it be like?

I would love to create a fragrance for female tennis stars. It would be fresh and something light that they could wear while playing. I have always been a huge tennis fan and play myself, so combining my two passions is something that really interests me.

How do you make a fragrance last all day?

Use a fragrance that has only the purest ingredients. This might be expensive but I believe it is worth it. Cheaper fragrances often use diluted ingredients, meaning the smell wears off much quicker.

Can you give us your dos and don’ts for wearing fragrance?

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with scents you wouldn’t usually wear – you’ll be surprised by the effect it has on the people around you.
  • Don’t apply fragrance to your skin, apply it to your clothes – it will last longer.
  • Do remember that scent can work in [two] ways. While it can be beautiful, it can also be overpowering, so remember where you are.
  • Do layer more than one fragrance on your body to create a unique smell.

Thomas Kosmala Signature Collection is Dh995 at Harvey Nichols Dubai.

Louise Emma Clarke

Louise Emma Clarke