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Top tips on food safety

Experts from the Dubai Municipality Food Safety Department will answer all your queries related to food hygiene

23 Feb 2016 | 02:47 pm
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At what temperature should the inside of the refrigerator be maintained?

The temperature of refrigerators should be maintained at between 35 – 40 degree F / 1 – 1.6 degree Celsius

When it comes to protecting yourself and your family from food borne illness, one of your most effective tools is the kitchen refrigerator. In fact, at room temperature, the numbers of bacteria that cause foodborne sickness can double every 20 minutes! Chilling foods to proper temperatures is one of the best ways to slow the growth of these bacteria. To ensure that your refrigerator is doing its job, it’s important to keep its temperature at 40 °F or below; the freezer should be at 0 °F.

In addition to keeping the temperature in your fridge at 40 °F, you can take additional steps to make sure your refrigerated foods stay as safe as possible.

Avoid ‘overpacking’: Cold air must circulate around refrigerated foods to keep them properly chilled.

Wipe up spills immediately: In addition to helping reduce the growth of the Listeria bacteria (which can grow at refrigerated temperatures), getting rid of spills — especially drips from thawing meats — will help prevent “cross-contamination,” where bacteria from one food spread to another.

• Keep it covered: Store refrigerated foods in covered containers or sealed storage bags, and check leftovers daily for spoilage.

• Check expiration dates on foods: If food is past its “use by” date, discard it. If you’re not sure or if the food looks questionable, the simple rule is: “When in doubt, throw it out.”

• Clean the fridge out frequently. Make this task part of your kitchen cleaning routine

Information courtesy: Shugufta M. Zubair, Food Awarness Officer, Food Safety Department, Dubai Municipality

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