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What would you like your last meal to be?

We asked our storytellers: what would you like your last meal to be?

23 Mar 2017 | 10:22 am
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My last meal would be a spicy vada pav with cutting chai. They taste delicious. I would like it during a chilly evening on my balcony. Krupa Acharya

For my last meal, I would want to eat a full course that is a palette of flavours — spicy, sour, sweet, and hot all at the same time, a taste of heaven in every bite. Beginning with the scrumptious mutton biryani – a combination of tender meat, beautifully spiced with fluffy, fragrant rice. Then moving on to a plate of perfectly cooked khageena and daal masoor with a spoon of home-made mango achar, sour and spicy, something without which no Asian dish is complete, and finally, shahi tukra, a rich bread pudding covered with warm milk and saffron – a true royal dessert. And a cup of freshly made chai to complete the meal. Sadia Mohsin

Definitely French beans parathas! (Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.) It’s one of my favourites and French beans being seasonal veggies, we don’t get to eat them very often. Saniya Udeshi

My last meal would be a plate of juicy cheeseburgers topped with fries and nuggets on the side and another plate of my mum’s home-made hummus and chicken curry. Since dessert goes to the heart, I can’t miss a devilishly good family serving of caramel cheesecake brownies with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. Mridhula Ann Mathew

The last meal I would love to have is a Kerala sadhya, a full-fledged meal of 28 vegetarian dishes. The mouth-watering hot sambhar is my all-time favourite among the dishes, followed by paruppu (dal) in ghee, avial, thoran, achar, yerisheri, kaalan and hot rasam to drink. Last but not least, paaysam, especially pallada. Priya Nair

My last meal would be a grand and lavish home-made dinner. There is nothing greater than sitting down with your family and having home-made food. Since it would be our last meal together, I’d like to be with them sharing our last thoughts. Mukund Deepak

I’m a big-time foodie with a deadly sweet tooth! So my last meal would certainly be a feast. Starting with my mum’s aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower curry), matar paneer (peas and cottage cheese) and poori (deep-fried bread), followed by an English breakfast, butter chicken, grilled tikkas and kebabs, chicken Manchurian, Thai fried fish with sweet chilli sauce, prawn red curry, herb-crusted salmon... the list is endless. And end it with gulab jamuns and hot chocolate fudge ice cream with brownies. But most importantly if I knew the meal was going to be my last, then probably I’d be too excited to meet my dad up there and forget all about eating... because he was an incredible cook, and I miss his food. Ranjana Dutta

Whenever I think about death I wonder which of my loved ones I will lose first and then get a panicky feeling. To think even I won’t be around at some point is also scary, so I’ve never given serious thought as to what my last meal would be, until now.

I would like to share something I heard a guru say on TV. 
The soul is what is not being nourished enough, who is in fact, captain of our being. We can assume we are a ship, the body the manager, the organs the workers. The manager and the workers love to party on the upper deck with all things that are instantly gratifying. The soul tries to warn of the long-term ill effects but they are enjoying themselves too much so they take the captain and lock it up in the lower deck. We continue to do lots to please the demanding manager and ignore the soul. In our darkest hours we do hear the whimpering but the smart manager makes sure it provides yet another distraction. This manager grows in power as we feed it more and more. The soul can provide true peace and happiness so our efforts are misdirected and we remain in an unfulfilled state throughout our lives. By the way, I love Dum Mutton Biryani and hope that would be my last meal. Seema Anthony


My last meal would be a dessert or anything which has an abundance of sweetness, so that it leaves a sense of everlasting taste. Jassi Ravoo

Never die on a full tummy. Abhinav Kumar

I want to eat Thai cuisine for my last meal along with a really good mango sticky rice. Prachi Babudas

Two chapatis (phulka, which means puffed without oil) , fresh yogurt raita and mixed vegetable curry. And a glass of warm water. Sahana Vikas

Fish curry with salsa and rice accompanied by a cold Coca-Cola. Dilshad Jolly Ahrestani

My last meal would be macaroni with vinegar, it’s my fave! Kerry Smith

My last meal should be something that I always crave and cannot eat... I would definitely go for all the sweets, pastries, a large double chocolate cake with Nutella frosting, a large pizza with extra cheese and olives. I hope I am able to finish them all and die peacefully. Rimpymanish Gupta

I am more of a junk food kind of person so maybe my last meal would most probably be a bag of family-size potato chips preferably with chilli and lemon or seasoned cheese preceded by any brand of chocolate with caramel sauce. Dalya Al Sayed

If I could choose my last meal I would definitely pick one of those monster milkshakes in giant mugs that have an assortment of chocolates, ice creams, cookies and brownies in them. Would love to end on a sweet note and a satiated soul! Alifiya Sehrawala

Mac n cheese made by my husband. Maggie Veronica

I’d not be able to eat if I knew it was my last meal. However, I am a big foodie and have always believed in ‘eating like a king’. I always leave the table feeling happy and content. Fatima Suhail

I would love to eat dum biryani made by my mum with raita and salad – a complete meal. Mizna Adnan

Kidney beans Indian style (rajma) and rice made by mum. It always brings back childhood memories. Priya Malhotra

Most definitely my mum’s aloo parantha (potato stuffed bread) with yogurt! Nothing beats fried dough and potatoes. Harshita Nanda

Lasagne. I was so tempted to try it after I saw the Garfield show.. now it’s my favourite. For dessert, cheesecake. Maggie‏ @me_r858 TW