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Will Feb 29 be your lucky day?

February 29 is one day when, breaking tradition, women can propose to the man they wish to marry. So is this going to be the year you get hitched? Ingrid Hooper takes a look at what the stars have in store for the zodiac signs

By Ingrid Hooper
26 Feb 2016 | 12:00 am

Ever since Julius Caesar introduced the leap year more than 2,000 years ago, February 29 has been steeped in legend and folklore. A leap year occurs every four years to help synchronise the calendar year with the solar year, or the length of time it takes the earth to complete its orbit around the sun, which is about 365-and-a-quarter days.

By tradition February 29 is regarded as a lucky day. The origin of proposing on this day goes back in history, when the day had no status in English law. It was ‘leapt’ over – so a break in tradition was deemed acceptable, and a woman could propose to the man she wished to marry. A man who declined had to buy the spurned lady 12 pairs of gloves to hide the shame of no engagement ring – one for each month.

So could February 29 be your lucky day? What are your chances of getting a Yes if you pop the question?



Mar 20-Apr 18

Aries Woman

Ruled by fiery Mars, the passion planet, you fall in love fast and have no intention of hanging around waiting for some guy to make up his mind. Instead you’ll want to take control and move a relationship along quite quickly.

With you what you see is what you get and you rarely, if ever, have a hidden agenda. You wear your heart on your sleeve. If you love a guy you want the rest of the world to know. Plotting and scheming leave you cold. You simply don’t have time for them.

Should you propose on leap day?

The Moon in Scorpio tells you to play it cool. At least for now. By the time of your birthday, a few weeks after leap day, you are in a far better position to get your man.

Better still, wait until the autumn, when Jupiter, the lucky planet, moves into the relationship arena. By the 
end of the year there could be someone new – someone dynamic and exciting – on the scene.

Aries Man

Mr Aries will want to do his own wooing. Pop the question and he is quite likely to be off like a shot.

A natural leader, the Aries man writes his own rules and makes them up as he goes along.

He is always up for a challenge and needs to win at work, in leisure pursuits and most of all in love.

He enjoys the thrill of the chase. Don’t make it easy for him to catch you. Instead make yourself the ultimate challenge. Give him the smallest hint that you might be interested and then leave it up to him.

This stance will work well for you, because he sees himself as a knight in shining armour, ready to fight for his damsel and win her hand.



Apr 19-May 19

Taurus Woman

Ruled by the love planet Venus and born under a fixed earth sign, when it comes to romance – as with everything else – you know your own mind. Subtlety isn’t your thing and if you fancy a guy you go for it. But playing the field isn’t for you. 
Once you’ve found your match made in heaven you are unlikely to change your mind.

Security is important to you, especially where finance is concerned. Other practicalities will come into the equation too. Being madly in love is fine but you also require the wherewithal to pay the rent.

Should you propose on leap day?

She who dares often wins. Venus is in a prominent position in the heavens, making the best possible aspect to sensible Saturn and take-a-chance Uranus. Lucky Jupiter in the romance zone and the Moon and Mars in the relationship angle suggest he’s in the mood to listen.

If he plays hard to get, Jupiter favours love affairs and romance in the spring and summer.

Taurus Man

The patient and persistent Taurus man dislikes being rushed. He can be a bit slow to move the relationship along. But loyal and dependable, once he makes a commitment he is going to keep it.

He is practical and canny with money. Wooing you with expensive trips away and generous presents isn’t necessarily his style. But when the chips are down and you need him he will be there for you with practical support and common-sense advice.

Mr Taurus is passionate and tactile but not necessarily romantic. He might not send you love notes but he will be there for you with a hug.



May 20-Jun 19

Gemini Woman

Born under the mercurial sign of Gemini the twins, you are able to think fast on your feet and talk your way out of trouble. You like to keep your options open, even for your love life. You tend to pack more into life than most, which means you don’t have time to hang around waiting for a man to get round to a proposal. Besides, you may have someone else lined up just in case things don’t work out. You get bored easily and won’t waste time if you think the relationship isn’t going anywhere.

Should you propose on leap day?

Mercury, your ruling planet close to Venus, is piling on the pressure, persuading you to take a chance. 
But cautious Saturn in the relationship angle tells you to wait a while. The good news is Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, transits the love zone from early autumn onwards, when you’re all loved up. If romance is a bit disappointing now just be patient.

Gemini Man

The Gemini man is great fun to be with. He is a walking encyclopaedia and knowledgeable. As a rule of thumb if you want to know something, ask a Gemini. He is witty, with a talent for telling a good story. He can win over even the hardest heart and be very persuasive.

But it might not be a good idea to take him too seriously too soon – he enjoys playing games and that sometimes includes his love life. 
Often called the butterfly of the zodiac, he has a fondness for flirting and playing the field.

He is charming but he might find it difficult to make a commitment.

Play it cool and keep him guessing. To get his attention let him see that he’s not the only one in the picture.



Jun 20-Jul 21

Cancer Woman

Emotional and sensitive, you are easily hurt and will put a protective shell around yourself to avoid showing your true feelings. Like the crab, your glyph, you feel your way around a situation rather than take the direct approach. Cancerians often marry young or stay in an on/off relationship that lasts for many years without confronting the situation.

Family is at the centre of your world and you want to nurture and protect those you love and care about.

You’re a traditional girl at heart longing for the big day and looking forward to a happily-ever-after.

Should you propose on leap day?

A powerful Sun-Neptune link leaves you feeling optimistic and ready to chance your luck. If your guy has been making excuses or hiding behind work, the planets are lined up in your favour to move things along so you know where you stand. There’s no need to be too subtle, just passionate and romantic.

Cancer Man

Super sensitive and romantic, the Cancer man is ruled by the Moon, and just like the Moon he is changeable. 
He is often at the mercy of his feelings and emotions, being buffeted from one mood to the next.

When it comes to commitment he is the real deal. Frequently he will settle down and marry early in life. Or he will embark on an on/off relationship over several years before tying the knot.

He is nurturing and protective of his family and those he cares about. Best if the lady in his life makes friends with his family early on. Especially with his mother – better resign yourself to the fact that she is going to be a hard act to follow! His world revolves around home and family and tradition.



Jul 22-Aug 21

Leo Woman

Like your glyph the lion, you are strong and proud and there’s a touch of the regal about you. Popular and fun to be with, others look to you for leadership.

Ruled by the Sun, you are warm and generous, with a giving nature. Competitive, you expect to win and be number one. And that includes your love life.

Born under a fixed sign, once you give your heart, you do so for keeps. But you’re no-one’s fool and you won’t put up with being second best. You are either number one or you are out of the game.

Should you propose on leap day?

Mercury and Venus together in the relationship department suggest the man in your life has love and romance very much on his mind. Even better, he’s been giving some serious thought to you and your relationship. You might find he brings the subject up and pops the question first. Make time for him to talk and listen. If he fails to take the hint just go for it.

Leo Man

When it comes to romance and passion the Leo man can show the other signs how to go about things. 
Or that’s what he would have the rest of us believe.

Generous and giving, he does things on a grand scale and he won’t pinch the pennies. Being mean isn’t in his nature. He gives off an air of confidence and can put on a convincing show of bravado.

The Leo man is loyal and you can count on him to be there when you need him. There is something mesmerising about him. Let him know that you are also very selective about the company you keep. But that you, just like him, deserve the very best.



Aug 22-Sep 21

Virgo Woman

A practical and sensible earth sign, you have things generally well worked out. That is until it comes to men. Often it’s a case of opposites attract, as a creative or artistic guy requires more than a gentle steer.

Conscientious and blessed with common sense, others come to you for advice. They know you won’t let them down. Shrewd and 
on the case, you are frequently a few steps ahead of the rest. You prefer to play a supporting role rather than take centre stage.

Should you propose on leap day?

You and your man are all loved up and on the same wavelength. If you’re planning to pop the question there’s a good chance he already knows. 
He’s dead keen and will do whatever it takes to keep you. A Sun-Saturn clash suggests he’s feeling shy and unsure of your feelings for him. Take a chance and pop the question and he could be yours for keeps.

Virgo Man

The Virgo man can be persuaded to change his mind. In fact he might have difficulty in making up his mind in the first place. This is more likely to be through shyness, insecurity and lack of confidence rather than indecision. He is practical 
and down-to-earth and good at rationalising and working out a problem. He doesn’t make a fuss.

Tactile and hands-on, he is reliable and dependable and will move heaven and earth not to let you down. He is a hard worker and a bit of a perfectionist. If he tells you he is working late you’d better believe him. He is at his happiest working in support and admin rather than being thrust into the spotlight.



Sep 22-Oct 21

Libra Woman

Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and relationships, you are skilled at flirting and playing the game of love. You are the queen of the social scene and seem to know everyone in town. You are a bit of a party girl, happy to schmooze with the best of them.

Your glyph is the scales, which means you are forever weighing the pros and cons. Making a decision is hard for you, particularly when it comes to men. Commitment is something you prefer to shy away from as you keep those options open.

Should you propose on leap day?

A Venus-Mercury mix in the love zone taps into your romantic side. 
But be careful. With impulsive Uranus in the relationship angle you are far from sure of your feelings and there could be more than one guy on your mind. Expansive Jupiter moves into your sign in early autumn, bringing new things and new people into your life. Ditch the romance and look forward to exciting times ahead.

Libra Man

Appearance is important to the Libra man. He has great taste and will be happy to go shopping with you – though you might catch him glancing at his own reflection in the mirror instead of paying attention to you. He dislikes going it alone 
and needs to be in a close relationship to feel truly content.

Sociable and outgoing, he is good fun and always ready to party. He is an avid networker and social media was invented with him in mind. He falls in love easily and can be in love with love but not necessarily with you. He finds it difficult to make up his mind and you might have to give him an ultimatum if you want things resolved.



Oct 22-Nov 20

Scorpio Woman

Ruled by the passion planet Pluto, there is an air of mystery about you. Being a water sign, feelings and emotions run deep but you prefer to keep these hidden. You are good at keeping secrets and rarely reveal your true feelings. You can be possessive and jealous and you won’t forgive or forget a wrong.

You are skilled at pulling strings to get who and what you want without others being any the wiser. You are also good at playing games and won’t reveal your true feelings until you are sure you have landed your quarry.

Should you propose on leap day?

Fiery Mars in your sign makes you quick off the mark and eager to find out where you stand. You’re in a strong position to call the shots and are most unlikely to take no for an answer. You can expect your other half to have plenty to say for himself. Point out the practical benefits and there’s a good chance he’ll come round to your way of thinking.

Scorpio Man

Mysterious, deep and brooding, the Scorpio man has a reputation to live up to. Strong-willed and determined, once he makes up his mind over something or someone he won’t take no for an answer. He makes a good ally but a bad enemy. He is passionate and can be madly possessive.

He is charismatic and well aware of his mesmerising hold over you. 
He can be controlling and thrives on game playing. He is accomplished at pulling other people’s strings. But when the chips are down he will stand by you. He respects strength and dislikes weakness.

A good tactic in dealing with him is to keep him guessing. Best keep a few cards up your sleeve.



Nov 21-Dec 20

Sagittarius Woman

Ruled by jolly Jupiter, you are great fun to be with. You have a brilliant sense of humour and enjoy playing jokes. You are optimistic, always ready to look on the bright side. A sunny-natured fire sign, you can sometimes get caught up in a 
wild enthusiasm and go right over the top. Tact isn’t really your thing and you prefer telling it straight. Often you jump in feet first without really thinking of the consequences.

A free spirit, you get easily bored with routine. When new adventures and fresh horizons beckon you seldom look back.

Should you propose on leap day?

Commitment isn’t normally your thing, but with serious Saturn long-term in your sign you’re increasingly thinking about settling down. Getting him to commit is becoming a priority, especially with feisty Mars about to move into your sign. Meanwhile he wants fun and to keep things light.

Keep it light for the time being and give him some space. Expect the unexpected early next year.

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man has a ready smile, is a natural teller of jokes and has a talent for making people laugh. He isn’t always subtle and can make the most enormous blunders but somehow he gets away with it.

He thrives on risk-taking and is open and honest. He likes to travel and be on the move. Freedom is important to him. He is easy-going and tolerant unless you try to tie him down. Mention the word commitment and he will shy away. Reliability isn’t his thing. He is frequently lucky in love owing more to chance than strategy.



Dec 21-Jan 19

Capricorn Woman

Ruled by sensible Saturn, despite a cool and calm exterior you are often shy. Capable and organised, others look to you to take over and get things fixed. You can see what needs to be done and it’s tempting to take over and sort things out – which can be a mistake when it comes to your love life.

You like to know where your relationship is headed and feel uneasy if things are left hanging in the air. You are honest and loyal and once you make a commitment you are unlikely to break it.

Should you propose on leap day?

You are caught up in the crossfire with the two heavyweight planets Uranus and Pluto fighting it out. With so much change and opportunity opening up around you romance and popping the question is unlikely to be high up on your agenda. You have too many other important things to think about. Right now the heavens are telling you to wait a while and be patient.

Capricorn Man

Success and status are important to the ambitious Saturn-ruled Capricorn man. Hard work and steely determination take him to the top. 
At first glance he can look a cold fish but being a tactile earth sign he has hidden depths.

A slow starter in the love game, he takes you seriously. Deep down he is shy and lacking in confidence and will take his time when dealing with affairs of the heart. Commitment is important to him and he won’t make any promises until he is sure of not only his feelings but yours as well. Once he is sure his affections are reciprocated he will be loyal and devoted. At heart he is a traditionalist and very much the marrying kind.



Jan 20-Feb 18

Aquarius Woman

Ruled by the impulsive planet Uranus, you are independent and a free spirit. Conforming is not for you and you will want to follow your own path.

Friendship is important to you and you will have both male and female friends. In many ways you find it easier to be friends with a guy than get involved in a full-scale relationship. And your guy had better get used to your friends early on because it’s going to be a case of love-me-love-my-friends. But on the plus side you will be equally ready to accept his friends too.

Should you propose on leap day?

Venus in your sign makes you long for romance and happy-ever-after. Mercury in Aquarius clashing with Mars encourages you to be rash and chance your luck when it might be better to think things through. 
A Sun-Neptune link suggests there could be a stumbling block over finances.

Now isn’t the time to push things. Instead be patient and get the finances sorted out first.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man sings to his own tunes. He is happy to go it alone. Friendship is the main motivating force for him, with romance optional. But even then he will be friends first before moving the relationship on. Make friends with his pals because you will be seeing them a lot.

Open and honest, what you see is what you get with him. There is no hidden agenda going on here. He can sometimes be blunt but at least you know where you stand.

The Aquarius man can be impulsive and welcomes change, which makes him exciting to be with.



Feb 19-Mar 19

Pisces Woman

Ruled by Neptune you have a touch of mystery about you, which men are drawn to. You also have a vulnerability that makes men want to protect you. But look deeper and you often have a hold on them, which marks you out as a femme fatale.

Being a water sign feelings and emotions register strongly with you. You can sometimes fail through following logic. But if you let intuition lead the way you rarely go wrong.

You can wear your heart on your sleeve, when it might be more sensible to keep a few things to yourself.

Should you propose on leap day?

A Sun-Neptune aspect in Pisces means romance is in the air. Jolly Jupiter, your ruling planet in the relationship department, makes you lucky in love. The heavens are lined up in your favour. Take a chance and you stand a very good chance of getting your man.

Surprise him by popping the question. There’s a good chance he’ll tell you that you beat him to it.

Pisces Man

Ruled by the planet of myth and legend, the Pisces man is drawn to romance. He falls in love easily and longs for a fairy-tale ending. He sees his role as the knight in shining armour. But he may not be realistic and his feelings and emotions can get in the way of common sense.

If it feels right he will follow his nose, even if logic tells him otherwise. Opposites attract and he is drawn to strong characters who know their own mind. Kind and generous, he wants to help those less fortunate. Money isn’t a main motivation for him but doing something worthwhile is.

By Ingrid Hooper

By Ingrid Hooper