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Your love horoscopes

’Tis the season of love, and with V Day just round the corner, Shelley von Strunckel tells you what you should do to live happily ever after

Shelley von Strunckel
12 Feb 2016 | 12:00 am
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March 20 – April 18

You’re passionate, enthusiastic and intense, but known to have a wandering eye, and for being selfish and impatient.


What you think you want While Aries women are usually go-getters, some reflect that in their own unique style while others are almost aggressively feminine. Being forthright, you tend to think you want a partner who’ll stand up to you. And although the fireworks that occur when you meet such a character are bound to be exciting, the relationship can turn into a battle for control, one that can easily get out of hand.

What you actually need There are many varieties of strength and the ideal partner for an Aries is strong but subtle. Where you might still have the last word in conversations, there’ll be something about his manner that draws you into discussions about plans, big and small. Instead of you taking over, as you often do, this gentle way of sharing tasks and decisions leads to a more creative way of approaching life’s conflicts, and living.


What you think you want Being a passionate Aries, you obviously want somebody who’s stylish, who you know will rouse envy. Yet it’s important your partner 
be able to stand her ground, or so you think. As an Aries, you fight to win, whatever the setting, including in close relationships. Which means those battles would be endless and interfere with the passion that’s so important to you.

What you actually need The best partner for an Aries male 
is a natural diplomat, somebody who gives the impression that you’re getting your way while skilfully rearranging things so they’re less about you and more about sharing, between the two of you, as well as with children and the larger family. Gradually, you see that you’re happier, less argumentative, and if you need a fight, you’ll go to the tennis court.


If you’re in one Being ruled by the warrior planet Mars, most Aries enjoy spotting their prey and seducing it, which, in the romantic sense, can mean that despite having somebody at home, you feel the need to exercise powers of seduction. Think twice before you do it.

If you’re looking to be in one It’s the same for Aries in a relationship – seduction is fun, but that alone doesn’t lead to a lasting relationship. Similarly, you can fall in and out of love overnight. Creating a strong, trusting alliance takes time and a variety of patience that is a struggle for you – but worth it.

Your relationships in 2016 Eclipses in March and September shake up elements of your daily routine and, in turn, your love life. But they offer a timely opportunity to reorganise arrangements that could use a serious rethink anyway.

Your ideal match Aries is one of the only signs where if one is good, two is better. Aries is a great match, as is your opposite sign, Libra.

If your partner is Aries

Restless Aries need to keep busy, and if they’re not, they’ll find a challenge to face or problem to overcome. Also, because Aries get so involved in what they’re doing, they tend to ignore the needs of others, so be direct, both about issues and your desires.



April 19 – May 19

You are known for being charming, and can make any place seem luxurious. But there is another side to you – you are 
a creature of habit. You also pretend to listen, but don’t usually follow what others say.


What you think you want A handsome, reliable charmer who combines career drive with a love of the good life, which includes dining well, holidaying luxuriously, remembering to give Valentine’s and birthday gifts, and a talent for selecting just the right thing. While around others he’s a he-man, when you’re home alone, he’s a takeover lover, and if he falls short of your expectations you complain to others and him.

What you actually need Being ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and harmony, you’ve a vision of the ideal relationship, home and life, but it’s based more on fantasy than day-to-day reality. The ideal partner takes an active role in inspiring you to blend those high standards with life as it is in terms of your time and budget. This inspires your creative side, personally, at home and, especially, romantically.


What you think you want It’s not just beauty, it’s somebody who knows, understands and often anticipates your desires and needs. This applies to your romantic life as well as domestic set-up – that is, how you live, eat and deal with family matters. The idea is this leaves you time to focus on your work, pursuits and hobbies, and return home to everything being in perfect order.

What you actually need A charming and persistent diplomat who will, on one hand, jog you out of habits before they become too ingrained, and on the other, be skilled at tricking you into doing things and going to places you thought you never will. But once you do, you adore them and can’t wait to return.


If you’re in one You love settling into a routine; it’s reassuring and comfortable. And, soon, boring. Make a commitment, to yourself, your partner and family, to do something new and venture into unfamiliar territory at least once a week. This adds vital excitement to your life, and keeps everybody on their toes.

If you’re looking to be in one Many Taureans know exactly what they want, and many have a list. Toss it. That’s based on the past and, worse, TV shows and movies. The ideal match will be a surprise and will probably look and be very different from who you’ve imagined. The lack of familiarity means you’ll spend your life together discovering wonderful and often unexpected new characteristics.

Your relationships in 2016 With practical Saturn accenting the wise use of your resources, you could be saving for a major purchase, perhaps a new home, or rethinking the use of other resources, such as your time, 
as a couple, at work and socially. This may seem dull, but what you learn will benefit you, far more than you imagine possible.

Your ideal match Because you’re both ruled by Venus, there’s a strong link with Libra. Also your fellow earth sign, Capricorn.

If your partner is Taurus

They say they hate surprises but within days they’ll start talking about how wonderful they were. That’s the secret to enjoying life with a Taurean – frequent surprises and being loving, no matter what.



May 20 – June 19

You are witty and seductive with a light touch. But there’s another side to you: you’re inconsistent, especially about commitments.


What you think you want It’s tricky. On the one hand you want a playmate, somebody who shares your sense of fun. Yet you’re also longing for a strong male figure, almost a daddy who can be relied on to organise things and sort out problems, and somebody who laughs at your jokes, doesn’t mind if you’re late and regularly admires both your looks and clever mind.

What you actually need Restless female Geminis combine quick minds with a rarely acknowledged and explored vulnerability. Yet, being with somebody who unlocks those feelings opens your world. Gradually you venture into new territory, personally and emotionally, in your life and career. This link deepens over the years.


What you think you want Your ideal is somebody who not only wants to have a good time, but also share the role because you’re usually the one who comes up with fun ideas. You want passion but with a laugh, and ideally somebody who’ll take over those boring domestic tasks you never get around to doing.

What you actually need The ideal partner will share your playful side, yet encourage you to shoulder the responsibilities you dread and avoid. She won’t argue but simply deal with her side of tasks and expect you to handle yours. This forces you to get creative, streamline obligations and resolve persistent dilemmas. Dealing with these together, you find new ways to have fun.


If you’re in one It’s no secret. You have a low boredom threshold, a wandering eye and the capacity to charm almost anybody. But that doesn’t mean you should. Employ those skills elsewhere, in a professional setting or a charity. This allows your playful side to emerge without upsetting the rest of your life or family routine.

If you’re looking to be in one Everybody assumes that for you, it’s easy to meet somebody who you’d like to get to know, and maybe spend serious time with. Although others want to be with you, there’s no magic. Learn to look past the laughs and invest time in talking to that quiet individual in the corner. That’s where you’ll discover gold.

Your relationships in 2016 
With the cosmic teacher, Saturn, accenting relationships in your life all year-round, you’re honing your skills. Both Geminis who’re already involved and those looking to find love have the same lessons to learn – truly listen and have patience.

Your ideal match The least likely and often most lasting match in astrology is Gemini with intense, internal and convoluted Scorpio. The fire signs Sagittarius and Aries live exciting enough lives to keep you interested, too.

If your partner is Gemini

Charming, stylish and good fun, falling in love with a Gemini is easy, but building a life with them can be puzzling – at least until you learn you’ll be living with a family of characters in one person. This versatility accounts for that clever wit and worldly success. Once you make it clear when mature behaviour is necessary, the rest will be easy.



June 20 – July 21

Genuine warmth and a uniquely caring nature, combined with deep understanding of life’s ups and downs, are your plus points. However, a tendency to take the moods or brusque nature of others personally could end up leaving you worried.


What you think you want The power of the Moon, which accents the star, can mean you’re looking for a mythical male partner, a father figure. You may define this by age, wealth, power, and a dominating manner, or combination of these. Easy as it is to fall for these types, they’re all myths – the actual individual could be a surprise, if not a shock.

What you actually need The better you understand your feminine power, the clearer your perception will be of those who bring a similar, but masculine, power to a relationship. Worldly success matters to you. But also, it’s essential the individual be aware of and willing to discuss his feelings, without blaming them on others.


What you think you want Being ruled by the Moon, many Cancerian men seek exactly that – a woman who has model looks and perfect manners. The expectation is this will lead to a lustrous life, being attended to, fed and entertained like a king.

What you actually need Because the relationships with women – from the mother and sisters to female friends and a partner – are crucial in a male Cancerian’s life, it’s essential history be set aside and a new form of alliance be formed, one that’s about mutual support, care and thoughtfulness. Learning to assess anybody’s nature takes time, and learning about realistic expectations does, too. But the pay-off in being with the right person justifies the patience and effort required.


If you’re in one Every relationship has its ups and downs and every individual has tough times, and can be selfish. As a Cancerian, you give a huge amount, and have an intuitive sense of how to nurture those who’re struggling. Even those closest may not be as aware. If not, gently but clearly explain what you need. In-depth discussions are key.

If you’re looking to be in one Everybody dreams of that magical moment when you spot the person you were meant to be with. From that point on, it’s all roses. While that may happen, your best bet is investing time in doing what you enjoy, whether it’s sport or travel. A common interest is a great icebreaker and gives you time to learn what the individual in question is made of.

Your relationships in 2016 It makes no difference whether you’re just dating or have been married for 25 years; discussions in which you open your heart are essential. What you learn about others, the relationship and yourself will be astonishing, especially during 2016.

Your ideal match Cancerians are often drawn to fellow water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, although tender Taurus is a good bet too.

If your partner is Cancer

Anybody close to these warm, intense but vulnerable individuals must respect the depth of their feelings and, importantly, reactions to those who’re unkind. It’s about emotional support or logic. Other water signs like Scorpio and Pisces will understand. Others can learn to.



July 22 – August 21

Good looks combined with the radiance of being ruled by the Sun is what makes you a darling. But at the same time, you have a tendency to be self-centred.


What you think you want You’ve always had a certain pride in your appearance. Some Leos are flamboyant, others more modest, but all care not just about the way they look, but also how they’re treated. Thus, you can fall for somebody who’s all show, but turns out to have little heart.

What you actually need Female Leos give so much that creating a balance in any relationship can be tricky. The same goes for friends as partners; the best match is naturally generous and, equally delighted to fulfil any request you make. Strangely, initially, this makes you feel uneasy, if not vulnerable. But then, that’s what building trust with others is all about.


What you think you want Being a glorious Leo, you want somebody who adds to your lustre – like arm candy. While looking good is important, the rest of your life is, too, and you expect someone who entertains beautifully and loves the sports or pastimes you do as well.

What you actually need A true partner for Leo enjoys your pursuits and fits into any setting, but is happy to opt out and pursue her own interests, too. You may complain you aren’t the centre of her life, but that’s one of Leo’s biggest lessons – it means she’ll teach you how to make space for and share your love with offspring and family.


If you’re in one You need passion and not just the romantic kind. You thrive on excitement, new places and challenges in everything, from sport to exploring unfamiliar locales. 
Yet it’s easy to fall into a routine, which, for you, is a passion-killer. Organise regular getaways, ideally to do something new, and you’ll keep the excitement in your relationship.

If you’re looking to be in one The keyword is passion, but here, it’s discerning, seductive passion, which has nothing to do with the character of an individual, or their passion for life. The former disappears swiftly, while the latter takes time to discover, but grows along with the relationship.

Your relationships in 2016 Having organised elements of your life, at home, with friends and at work, sudden events force you to make changes. Tempting as it is to do the minimum, this 
is your chance to broaden your horizons. Explore every option. You’ll be glad you did.

Your ideal match With patience, life with another Leo can be bliss. Other good options are warm Taureans and charming Libras.

If your partner is Leo

Once you understand how important their pride is, everything makes sense. This may involve their looks, a golf game and more. Honour them and your Leo will give you abundant love in return.



August 22 – September 21

Although there are a few flamboyant Virgos, most are modest and have the gift of being genuinely interested in others. There’s no better beginning to a friendship or romance. But you have a major liability – criticism, of others and yourself. There’s a difference between the Virgo’s desire for quality, which is fantastic, and the tendency to dwell on errors.


What you think you want No sign is more generous when it comes to helping those who are struggling. You’ve a gift for knowing what to do. But it’s not good for a lasting relationship. You’re so used to dealing with problems that enjoying somebody’s company may rouse guilty feelings. If so, good. This clears the way for true intimacy.

What you actually need Your loving, caring nature is designed to juggle home, family, friends and work. It allows you to look after others. It also forces you to allow others to show how much they care for you, something that many Virgos find embarrassing!


What you think you want Ideally you want to create a life that runs smoothly, which means you’re attentive towards your diet, fitness, grooming, career and relationships. This is fine, but because often partners come last, they feel they’re being ‘orchestrated’ into your master plan.

What you actually need You’re an earth sign. That’s the key to your discerning nature and sensual side of your personality, which is the part that falls in love and enjoys the intimacies of a relationship, from holidaying to eating together. The trick is to rein in your tendency to over-plan and be spontaneous, taking chances on the unfamiliar.


If you’re in one Think carefully before you give loved ones advice. First, they may not be in the mood to listen. But also, they aren’t as much of a perfectionist as you. Unbelievable as it may seem, often they don’t care.

If you’re looking to be in one Get rid of your checklist of what you want in a partner and what won’t do. This is all about surface characteristics. You’ve a powerful intuition. It’s far more reliable for knowing who’s worth it.

Your relationships in 2016 You may have been thinking about redoing your home for ages, but now events turn those ideas into action. Here’s your chance to declutter and, in the process, clear up long-standing issues with your loved ones.

Your ideal match The sensitive water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are often a good pairing, as is diplomatic Libra.

If your partner is Virgo

Get used to them tidying up your desk and your life. But should they overdo giving advice, draw the line. This eliminates the biggest potential source of tension and allows you to truly enjoy their sensual charms.



September 22 – October 21

While you have the rare combination of good looks and the ability to make anybody seem interesting, you are obsessed by relationships, which means you go from nothing to passion within days, if not hours.


What you think you want Libras dream of conflict-free relationships, women perhaps more so because often keeping the peace seems to be their responsibility. So you search for somebody who clicks with you, then begin building a relationship on the ideal of no clashes or disagreements. However, that isn’t possible, which means growing tensions are soon an increasing source of concern.

What you actually need Learn to spot, define and work around differences. Initially this seems counterproductive, if not just plain wrong. But soon, you’ll be actually enjoying the teamwork, and the togetherness that comes with crafting solutions for the challenging differences life throws your way. This results in a closeness very different from anything you thought could be achieved, and far more rewarding than you believed possible.


What you think you want You dream of the ideal relationship in which there’s an instinctive understanding about life. This makes you feel you’re in charge. And you believe the resulting accord smooths out the bumps in the road and means those tense discussions you so loathe just don’t happen. Your conviction is that the perfect relationship is destined. Consequently, you wish to only live in happiness, giving no thought to issues because they simply don’t exist.

What you actually need You need an update on relationships. They’re about acknowledging disagreements and working out a compromise. Many Libras ignore these, hoping those issues will vanish. This acknowledgment of differences, exploring what’s important to each individual, then finding a way forward is both an art and a skill. And one you need constantly.


If you’re in one You tend to focus so much on a relationship that you ignore long-term friends. Maintain these links, as they not only give you perspective on the past, but clarity about the present as well as future.

If you’re looking to be in one Don’t look. If wanting a relationship is on your mind, you’ll obsess, have no fun with whatever you’re doing and miss meeting somebody important. That individual might not be the one, but could make an all-important introduction. Instead, go out and do what you enjoy. This includes holidaying in places that interest you. It’s in settings like these that friendships, and sometimes more, are made.

Your relationships in 2016 Concentrate on practicalities, such as money and time. You’ve compromised too often, and now need to rethink costly habits.

Your ideal match Your opposite sign, volatile Aries, as well as your fellow air sign, Aquarius.

If your partner is Libra

Once you understand they regard keeping peace as sacred, you’ll realise issues need to be approached diplomatically. But keep raising them until eventually you’re discussing differences together, and without hesitation.



October 22 – November 20

You are extremely loyal, intense and deeply committed, but a creature of habit, suspicious and possibly jealous.


What you think you want Passion with a sizzling he-man who can’t resist you, and thinks of nobody but you. Yet he’s happy to see you admired by others, and understands how important this is to you. While you’ll spoil him, making him king of your home, you’ll have an agreement about nights off, when you can relax and, perhaps, he’ll take a turn at spoiling you.

What you actually need Passion, yes, but wrapped in quiet, subtle strength that reassures you so much that past doubts and fantasies vanish. Trust builds gradually and with your ideal partner, it exists like never before. You can then love those closest to you – your partner, children, family and even best friends – with that unique Scorpion depth. Your ideal partner supports you in a very old-fashioned way, yet encourages you to learn and explore, and, if you work, in your professional setting too. You feel like a queen.


What you think you want A gorgeous woman who is sweet and doesn’t argue, even when you’re moody. You’re eager for those tender moments with that special someone who truly understands you. She’ll admire your strengths and supports you when the world seems to be against you. And, of course, she’ll always put your interests before her own.

What you actually need Beauty, inside and out, in a subtle way, lest others’ admiration triggers your jealous streak. She’ll stand her ground, be diplomatic when you’re demanding or develop passing enthusiasms. Equally, she’ll draw the line when work or your family disrupt the balance at home. She looks after herself so well she inspires you to eat well and get to the gym. She teaches you to love life.


If you’re in one When your mood is down, you fantasise about making a change. While that’s normal, it’s not doing you, your relationship or the feelings of your partner any good. Break that mood by getting out and about – walk, go to the gym, watch a happy movie and treat yourself to chocolate later.

If you’re looking to be in one Don’t look. Don’t say, ‘I’ll never be happy until I meet The One.’ Encountering somebody interesting requires you to be enjoying life already. Do what you love, whether it’s sport, music or even travel. The resulting enthusiasm is itself attractive. Second, focus on meeting interesting people. Why? They’ll broaden your circle, increasing the likelihood of you meeting the right person.

Your relationships in 2016 Between October 2012 and September 2015, tough Saturn was in Scorpio. This complicated your life and created tensions in your relationship. While you dealt with some then, now that Saturn’s moved on, it’s time to discuss any remaining issues frankly. Risky as this seems, 
the resulting conversations go so well that you find yourself enjoying them.

Your ideal match In a true match of opposites, Scorpios and Geminis often get together and spend a lifetime fascinated with how different the other is. Fellow water signs such as Cancer and Pisces also make good partners.

If your partner is Scorpio

Although it may seem that these powerful but fragile creatures won’t admit any 
of their vulnerabilities or anxieties, they may be genuinely unaware of them. Give them unconditional love and support, yet stand up for yourself. That balance achieved, the trust between you and your Scorpio love will grow and deepen.



November 21 – December 20

The Sagittarian enthusiasm for life is contagious. You accept people as they are. Sometimes you forget there are only so many hours in a day and overbook, so you’re late or can’t keep all your commitments.


What you think you want When you first meet someone, you’re excited, then discover just how dull they are, so return to seeking an individual who’s as dynamic as you. That initial excitement is about others mirroring your zest for life. Encounters with other explorers end up in a competition over whose plans take priority.

What you actually need Usually, it’s the woman who takes the role of nurturer. This balance both settles your own fiery nature and draws you into an intimacy you adore but wouldn’t know how to create on your own. It’ll offer a balance to your passions and give you good reason to invest time in your home and family. 

What you think you want Time spent with Sagittarians can be exhausting, and living with them can be even more challenging. This is why you dream of somebody with the quick mind and boundless energy you have. It works for a while. But life isn’t all action. It’s knowing how to manage the quiet times too.

What you actually need It’s a rare combination and not one you’ll recognise when you encounter it – a strong ego combined with a deep understanding of Sagittarian emotions. Thus, you gain a partner who can keep up with you and slow you down.


If you’re in one Because adventure is fundamental to your nature, your mind wanders. This can lead to daily chaos, last-minute changes to long-standing plans, and flirtations, if not affairs – all good reason for any partner to be upset. Every relationship is unique. The stresses you put on your’s are substantial, enough that your efforts to make up must be sincere and creative.

If you’re looking to be in one Everybody wants to spend time with you, but potential partners are soon exhausted by your relentless pace, changeable moods and priorities. You’re seeking perfection, somebody who mirrors your nature. Instead, go for the opposite – you’ll always complement each other.

Your relationships in 2016 The presence of Saturn in Sagittarius until late 2017 will slow your pace. Once you understand its benefits, you’ll discover new depths in all close relationships.

Your ideal match Earthy Capricorns or Taureans ground you. Aquarians are as inquisitive as you, and understand and support you, but retain their own identities.

If your partner is Sagittarius

Expect changes, both in mood and schedule. You’ll be expected to rethink plans and be confronted with yet another side of their character. When it comes to crucial arrangements, don’t be afraid to issue regular reminders.



December 21 – January 19

There’s so much to like – a strong personal style along with a character that’s about getting the best out of life. While you’re driven, when you’re intrigued by something or somebody, you’ll listen. Your determination and focus, core to your nature, can mean you get so wound up in achieving your goals, you sometimes forget individuals you care about most.


What you think you want The saying ‘it’s as easy to marry a rich man as a poor one’ was written for Capricorn. You’re an expert at spotting those who’re doing well in life and destined to do even better. This, however, ignores your own needs or feelings – not a good strategy.

What you actually need Being an achiever, it’s vital the person you’re with be driven too. But those goals must encompass all of life, including family and emotions. In other words, balance. This doesn’t come naturally to you, but together, you’ll create a rounded life.


What you think you want You aim high, not just in terms of looks, but also achievement, a dazzling background and most of all, somebody who’s not particularly interested in you. These challenges are exciting, but no foundation for building trust or intimacy.

What you actually need You may have been swept off your feet a couple of times, but key to a solid alliance is respect. This means you’ll never forget how lucky you are to be part of this relationship and will show it, not so much with gifts, but in terms of time, effort and heart.


If you’re in one You see relationships as an investment. You’ll do what needs to be done, but in your efficiency, forget about romance and spontaneity. Although you may have to plan this initially, it’s worth the effort. Soon, it will come naturally.

If you’re looking to be in one Many Capricorns view finding a life partner similar to seeking a business associate, so turn to resources online. While they list practical attributes, there’s no way you can assess their spirit. Finding somebody means investing time. Be patient. It will pay off handsomely.

Your relationships in 2016 Capricorns dislike few things more than being vulnerable. 
But with your ruler Saturn accenting a strategic approach to life, you’ll find that in many situations, you must be patient and leave decisions to others – or destiny. It’s more than justified by the long-term benefits.

Your ideal match Another Capricorn. Intuitive but strong Cancerians. Driven signs such as Aries and Leo.

If your partner is Capricorn

Don’t expect them to notice your feelings, or those of the family or children. While initially you’ll need to point out where their support is needed, they’ll soon learn. 
In return, be prepared to support their endeavours. Balance these issues and it will be smooth sailing.



January 20 – February 18

Your genuine interest in others is rare and alluring. When you ask questions about their life, work and future plans, you’re truly interested. Meanwhile, your own broad and ever-evolving interests mean that if asked what you’re up to, you’ll have plenty to say.

While your self-sufficient streak is a virtue, at least in terms of your life and work, it can mean that despite longing for that special connection, you’re extra picky or link up with somebody then get bored. Your challenge? Learning to let passion grow.


What you think you want Many Aquarius women, including those in long-standing relationships, talk themselves into, and out of, love regularly. You dream of being swept off your feet by anybody from a foreign correspondent to a matador, somebody who’ll take you into another world.

What you actually need With your active and inquisitive mind, the ideal partner may lack an exotic nature, but will instead offer stability, warmth and the capacity to deepen your understanding of your own emotions. The individual who catches your attention, then captures your heart will, of course, have their own intriguing life and world, one that piques – and maintains – your interest.


What you think you want Being a cool, rather intellectual air sign, you’ve a mental list of the characteristics that would fit into your life, and especially of those that would prevent the emotional ups and downs you so dislike. Actually, you’re seeking another you, which would be predictable but dull.

What you actually need You don’t think of yourself as a creature of habit, but in reality, you are one. Consequently, you need somebody who’ll gently jog you out of your all-too-familiar routine, and open your schedule, mind and world to new and exciting experiences. Most important of these will be experiences that deepen your feelings, including those of growing love.


If you’re in one Your mind’s so busy that you don’t realise you’re a creature of habit. This can mean you dismiss a change in routine or new ideas – for example, holidaying somewhere unfamiliar – without even realising you’ve said no. Then you wonder why you’re bored. That’s the answer. When your partner suggests something new, don’t ask questions, just say yes.

If you’re looking to be in one Friends are for routine endeavours, but romance is about deepening your feelings, broadening your horizons and living a more exciting, if occasionally unpredictable, life. So don’t seek a friend to date or spend your life with. Instead, take risks. You’ll soon learn why it’s such a good idea.

Your relationships in 2016 Whether it’s at work or at home, you seriously dislike being told what to do. Yet the planets will be shaking up your world, mostly through the decisions of others or, possibly, organisations. However, disruptive as these changes are, they’ll deepen your closest relationships.

Your ideal match It’s a case of opposites attract, which means as long as you’re flexible, the earth signs Taurus, Capricorn and, possibly, Virgo make good partners. Also Leo, who is so different that you’re eternally fascinated with each other.

If your partner is Aquarius

Once you understand you’re living with a number of characters, each with their own priorities, life will be easier. While their minds wander the realms of the intellectual, art as well as geographical worlds, they’re creatures of habit who need the occasional shake-up to keep life interesting.



February 19 – March 19

Although you don’t give it much thought, you have an almost hypnotic charm. It’s the combination of your genuine interest in others and intuitive nature, which makes those you’re talking to or who become friends feel truly understood. It’s a rare and wonderful quality. Being a sensitive water sign, you’ve a knack for overcoming boundaries and creating a sense of intimacy swiftly, so much so neither you nor anybody else has time to consider whether this is wise. The solution? Slowing your pace, something that doesn’t come naturally to you.


What you think you want Your world is a magical one. Even high-flying Piscean executives believe that with the right combination of creativity and effort, perfection is possible – including in relationships. If anybody can do it, it’s a Pisces, so you’ll sometimes choose a partner who becomes your project, who needs to come to grips with issues before you can even begin to work your magic.

What you actually need Finding the balance between your vision and the sometimes harsh reality of the present isn’t easy, but is key to creating the superlative variety of relationship you desire. The initial challenge is the biggest – taking a serious look at your candidate, and judging whether they can share your vision.


What you think you want You seek nothing less than a cosmic link, and ideally with an individual whose beauty mirrors their deep soul. While nobody would argue that this a wonderful ideal, you’ll often base your assessment on a foundation that’s more about romance than the actual individual in question, which can – and has in the past – led to disappointment.

What you actually need The idea of seeking somebody who can ground your flights of fancy may not appeal, but if that individual understood how to support you too, it might seem more interesting. The balance between intuition and a practical streak is rare but worth seeking out. Once that connection is part of your life, you’ll realise it was worth the time and effort involved in making it happen.


If you’re in one Your biggest challenge is fantasies – you’ll wonder if tweaking elements of your lifestyle or, possibly, helping your partner to make a few changes won’t do wonders. They won’t. The secret is to be happy with today and expect the best of tomorrow.

If you’re looking to be in one Tempting as it is to put things off until you meet that special person, it’s not only unwise, it means you’re missing opportunities to get out and about. And when meeting new people, avoid the tendency to interview them as potential partners. Instead, think about whether they can become good friends, because the best alliances tend to emerge from those friendships.

Your relationships in 2016 Even the most productive changes can be unsettling, especially if they weren’t your choice. Still, deep down, you sense that these will lead to changes in emotional patterns that have long needed attention.

Your ideal match You often link splendidly with another Pisces, as well as the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. Tender, practical Virgo and gentle Taurus are good, too.

If your partner is Pisces

Only another Pisces can understand the Piscean world, and if you’re not one, then accept the fact that you’ll often be mystified by what your beloved is doing or what their objectives are. The pay-off? Frequently being showered by fairy dust.

Shelley von Strunckel

Shelley von Strunckel