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BurJuman’s Kids Fashion Show to return next month

Aspiring child models in Dubai have a chance to participate in the show

Staff report
7 Aug 2017 | 02:30 pm
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Shoppers will be treated to BurJuman’s Kids Fashion Show at the mall’s main atrium every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 6pm and 8pm from September 7 to 23.

Hosted by Layal El Halabi, the event is set to showcase fashion trends by participating brands including The Children’s Place, Pumpkin Patch, Adams Kids and Forever 21.

BurJuman is also giving aspiring child models in Dubai a chance to participate in the show.

Auditions will be held at BurJuman between August 16 and 19, from 4pm to 8pm on Level 2, near The Toy Store.

Staff report

Staff report