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Good Move Dubai from April 21-23

Join the fitness challenge designed to get Dubai active... and you stand to win fabulous prizes

Lindsay Judge
21 Apr 2016 | 05:11 pm
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A three-day public event from April 21 to 23rd will launch one of Dubai’s biggest government health and fitness initiatives. Titled Good Move Dubai, it is aimed at encouraging the city’s residents to be active and adopt a healthier lifestyle whilst having fun.

The initiative is part of the Dubai Plan 2021 that aims to promote healthy and happy living within the city. The weekend long activation Unlock the World will take place at Kite Beach and features a number of physical challenges for the entire family. This coincides with the launch of the Good Move Dubai mobile application.


The app, which is free to download on Android or iPhone, is centred around a virtual walkathon that allows users to ‘travel’ the world by running, cycling or walking over a period of 12 to 15 months until they reach the final point.

Each city unfolds based on the number of steps calculated by the app; so the more you move – run, cycle, jog or walk - the further you ‘travel’.

The virtual world begins in Dubai and travels through 38 key cities before ending up in Sydney, Australia.

Users will be rewarded throughout their journey with prizes depending on how quickly they reach certain points, with anyone completing the full challenge being entered into a mega prize draw.


The unique idea combines a standard pedometer concept and the ever popular virtual gaming world, allowing users to leave their homes and exercise while virtually racing against friends of even just challenging themselves to make it ‘around the world’ in the fastest time possible.

This weekend from 21st to 23rd April Unlock the World will bring the app to life with a giant walkway featuring landmarks from around the globe including Big Ben, the Colliseum, Statue of Liberty and the country’s own Burj Khalifa, alongside fun-filled physical challenges for all ages aiming to faster increase each app users step count.

The entire walkway is also disability enabled, adhering to the Dubai Disability Strategy 2020 including fitness challenges for those in wheelchairs or differently abled.

While entry is free, visitors can register and download the app on arrival to track their fitness and be in with the chance of winning prizes which include flight tickets.


Aisha Abdulla Miran

Good Move Dubai spokesperson Aisha Abdulla Miran, who is also Assistant Secretary General, Strategy Management and Governance Sector, at the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai, told Friday that she hopes this event will be a start in tackling the growing child obesity problem the country faces.

She said “While the Good move Dubai initiative alone won’t solve all the country’s health problems it is a great start which taps into encouraging residents to be active within their daily lives, in many cases not even realizing they are exercising. We hope to raise awareness and get children out and about rather than being hidden away with their tablets or Smart phones.”

Plans are also in place to tackle the summer months. “We have a series of indoor events lined out to promote fitness within the summer months and during Ramadan. We are looking at mall-based activities and other ways to keep Dubai active during the summer. We are going to tweak the app to cater for the hotter weather conditions,” She said.

Aisha is the first to admit with so many distractions it is hard to be active in Dubai’ “I put my hands up and say I’m not the most active person, but having a challenge definitely encourages me to get out there.”

“We are targeting inactive people so the challenges are realistic and not too demanding starting at around 9000 steps from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and becoming more depending on the real distance between cities.”


The recommended number of steps per day is 10,000 so depending on how active you are will determine how quickly you can complete the whole challenge.

Unlock the World is cosponsored by among others Etisalat, Emirates Airlines and Meraas.

For further information about Good Move Dubai:

Event timings

Thursday 21st April: 2pm to 8 pm

Friday 22nd April: 2 pm to 10 pm

Saturday 23rd April: 2 pm to 10 pm

Lindsay Judge

By Lindsay Judge