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Google launches Dubai 360-degree imagery

Check out more than 40 iconic Dubai sites with Google Maps’ Street View Special Collects ahead of the UAE’s 45th National Day this weekend

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28 Nov 2016 | 12:27 pm
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Google Maps has released a series of Dubai’s famous landmarks including Burj Al Arab, Dubai Creek, Madinat Jumeirah and The Palm in 360-degree imagery on Street View Special Collects today.

Street View Special Collect is a feature which allows a person to explore landmarks, natural wonders, and cultural and historical sites around the world.

Burj Khalifa was the first Special Collect in the UAE and was launched in 2013.

Google Maps’ Street View lets users to view and navigate 360-degree imagery of major streets across a city. It has been available in Dubai since 2014.

This is the latest in a series of Street View imagery collected of major landmarks including Petra (Jordan), the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art, and the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt) in Middle East and North Africa.

Staff report

Staff report