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Karaoke nights won’t be the same without Harry Ghatto’s

Harry Ghatto’s karaoke bar is not a part of Jumeirah Restaurant Group’s new plans for Emirates Towers Boulevard

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2 Nov 2016 | 12:09 pm
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Jumeirah Restaurant Group today announced that they are shutting down local favourite, Harry Ghatto’s, located in Emirates Towers Boulevard, Dubai. The famous karaoke bar will serve its final customers this evening (November 2) after 16 years in the city.

Harry Ghatto’s next door neighbour, Tokyo@theTowers, will also close its doors but only to be re-opened in early 2017 with a new concept.

The company said the project is part of an innovation plan for Emirates Towers Boulevard. It will announce further details as they are confirmed but wishes to thank the customers and colleagues from both venues.

Business will continue as usual for ET Sushi, the other Japanese restaurant at the same venue. 

Staff Report

Staff Report