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Relocation fraud hits family hard

Former Dubai resident devastated after Sharjah movers disappear with household goods worth thousands

9 Jun 2016 | 11:50 am
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The old relocation scam has surfaced again. This time it’s snared a former Dubai resident from Pakistan.

Three months after paying a Sharjah company to move his belongings to his new address abroad, the man is still waiting for his stuff to arrive. After several failed attempts to salvage his possessions, Malik Ali, 34, says he is now convinced he has been conned. “We have given up hopes of ever seeing our favourite things again. There were so many of them in the cargo, including my kid’s toys, his special-themed furniture and personal memorabilia I collected over the years while working in several locations around the world. Then there were my academic certificates and degrees. You can’t put a price tag to all that,” says the father of one.

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