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Revealed: World's most attractive employers

Survey involving 267,000 respondents ranks companies that are most desirable among young career seekers

Cleofe Maceda
30 Jun 2016 | 11:41 am
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If you’re looking for a new employer, it may be a good idea to narrow down the search to the ones that are popular. Companies tend to win the votes of most jobseekers because of their good reputation as an employer – they treat their staff right, offer great benefits and promote a work-life balance.

According to a study conducted among more than 267,000 millennials worldwide, Google is perceived to be the most ideal employer to work for. The multinational technology company, which employs more than 57,000 workers, has been named the most attractive employer in the world in Universum’s latest annual survey.

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Cleofe Maceda

Cleofe Maceda

Senior Web Reporter