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A round-up of the hottest products, places and experiences you can’t miss this week

Shreeja Ravindranathan
1 Sep 2016 | 12:00 am
  • HintHunt Dubai


True detectives

This Eid, instead of sending messages to your loved ones, decode secret messages with them at HintHunt – the locked-room escape game at Times Square Center, Dubai. Sleuth with friends and relatives in a tiny room, matching wits and bickering over clues and puzzles scattered about. Race against time to break out in 60 minutes – or be trapped forever! Investigate either of two nerve-wracking whodunits – private-eye James Murdoch’s office or a Japanese Zen room. Mind you, they’re far from elementary! Dh110 per person. Call 04 321 2242 or visit

Bolt of blue


Roberto Coin’s exquisite sapphire jewellery collection proves that blue truly is the warmest colour as it brings cold-blooded reptilian designs to life. Celebrating the September gemstone, the collection’s baubles in brilliant blue feature various creepy-crawly designs, from chameleons to this eccentric and exquisitely detailed lizard ring – a far cry from Lady Di’s iconic sapphire engagement ring. Of course, the Dh60,100 price tag might leave you feeling a bit blue too. At Roberto Coin stores, Mall of the Emirates and Wafi Mall.

Tried and tested: Brightening Breadfruit mani-pedi


Working hard all week means pampering ourselves harder come weekend, so Tips and Toes salons’ Brightening Breadfruit mani-pedi was the light at the end of my weekday tunnel. Stepping into the cheery salon with its cushy armchairs and soothing music put a radiant spin on my mood only matched by the luminous hands and feet I stepped out with. But I’m getting ahead of myself – back to the bliss of the treatment.

My lovely technicians waited hand and foot on my hands and feet, buffing and polishing talons to perfection in a pale green Tito varnish. Next, a coarse apricot and lychee sugar scrub scoured my arms and legs from tips and toes to elbows and knees, sloughing dead skin and summer tan. The brightening clay-based organic mask wrapped in cling film reduced swelling, followed by a gentle massage with antioxidant breadfruit moisturiser that left skin soft, supple and spectacular – a perfect canvas for Eid henna. Already feeling loose-limbed, their complimentary flip-flops (saves pedicures from ruin) added to the spring in my step!

Dh205 for 75 minutes until September 30. Call 04 399 0550, visit

Reviewed by Shreeja Ravindranathan

Foam at the feet


September marks the start of Dubai’s running season when a plethora of marathons crowd the social calendar. Hit the tracks in style with American footwear brand New Balance’s fresh foam women’s shoes. Its foam cushioning, snug bootie-like fit, Ortholite sock liner and grooved outsole provides flexibility in absolute style. We love that the grey-and-neon-pink combo will add some electricity to our sprints! Dh649 at New Balance stores.

Teapot calling kettle


This little teapot from German brand Aardee is short, stout and super cute, like the nursery rhyme stipulates. We want to pick it up and pour out all our beverages from this plastic-free electric stone kettle. With a 1.2-litre capacity and inbuilt overheat protection, its automatic switch-off function guarantees safety when the water’s boiling, and you don’t hear it shout. Plus you can cart it from room to room whenever you fancy a chemical-free cuppa as it’s cordless. Dh99, at all leading electronic outlets.

Brekkie with the brood


Once school is in full swing, you’ll yearn for a relaxing breakfast free of school runs and express bowls of cereal, so saunter down to Eggspectations at JBR. While you leisurely gorge on their famous eggs Benedict as you gaze at beachfront views, the cosy casual eatery’s kids’ menu will occupy unruly ankle-biters with puzzles, colouring and mazes until nourishing dishes of quesadillas, mac and cheese, chocolate waffles and lasagne are served, plated to adult perfection. From Dh22. Call 04 430 7252.

Shreeja Ravindranathan

Shreeja Ravindranathan

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