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Eggs Benedict, three simple ways

Salmon, turkey or braised beef – make it your way with this easy brunch guide

Louis Badenhorst
12 May 2017 | 09:17 am
  • A trifecta of eggs Benedict - with turkey, salmon and spinach, and braised beef.

    Source:Stefan Lindeque

Serves 4

Ingredients for the Benedict

120g sliced smoked salmon
120g braised beef cheeks (see recipe)
120g thinly sliced smoked turkey breast
1 packet (125g) washed baby spinach
12 poached eggs (see below)
1/2 bunch chives, finely chopped
Maldon sea salt
Black pepper
Hollandaise sauce (see recipe)
6 English muffins
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
80g butter

To assemble:

1. Slice the English muffins in half, spread lightly with the butter and toast in a nonstick pan until golden brown.

2. Reheat the poached eggs in a saucepan of simmering water and drain on kitchen towel.

3. Reheat the beef cheeks in reserved braising liquid.

4. Saute the baby spinach with olive oil, season with salt and crushed black pepper.

5. Place three toasted English muffin halves on each plate.

6. Place the spinach, smoked salmon and a poached egg on the first muffin. Place the beef and a poached egg on the second muffin, and place the smoked turkey and a poached egg on the third muffin.

7. Coat the poached eggs with a generous amount of Hollandaise, sprinkle with the chives, and season with crushed black pepper and Maldon sea salt.

Perfect poached eggs

1 deep pan filled with water
12 fresh eggs
White distilled vinegar
Salt to season the water
Have ready a bowl of ice water and a slotted spoon


1. Bring the water to simmer, add the vinegar and salt.

2. Break the eggs in small ramekins.

3. Swirl the water using a slotted spoon. You can poach up to six eggs at a time

4. Add the eggs one by one to the swirling water.

5. Let the eggs cook for 3 minutes in the slowly simmering water, then cool in the ice bath. Remove and refrigerate until needed.

Recipe courtesy Steigenberger Hotel, Dubai.

Louis Badenhorst

Louis Badenhorst

Executive Sous Chef