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How to make rice for sushi

Want to make your own maki rolls? Start here

21 Jul 2017 | 09:00 am
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Makes enough for five maki rolls
250g Japanese sushi rice
1 cup plus 4 tbs water


Soak the rice in water for ten minutes, then strain and wash at least three times until the water runs clear. If you have a rice cooker, add sushi rice and the water and cook for 15 minutes. If you don’t have a rice cooker, put the rice and water in a pot and cook on high fire for 15 minutes, then over a low flame for 10 minutes. Make sure the pot is covered at all times.


½ cup plus 1 tsp rice vinegar
85g sugar
25g salt
5cm x 5cm piece of dry kombu (kelp, optional)

Place all the ingredients in a bowl or a pot and whisk until the salt and sugar are dissolved, then add dry kombu and soak.

While the rice is hot pour seasoning over and separate the rice grains with a paddle. Do not mix, instead stir with a slicing motion, so that you don’t mash the grains. Allow to cool.

Maki fillings

Try classics like fresh salmon, crab meat and avocado, or your own favourite raw or cooked vegetables and fish. Add Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise or your usual mayonnaise.

For every roll (this quantity of rice makes five maki rolls) you will need half a nori sheet (dried seaweed); you’ll also need a bamboo mat and a chopping board to work on, and plastic wrap.

Cover the bamboo mat with plastic wrap and lay a halved nori sheet on top. Take 100 grams of the cooked and seasoned sushi rice and spread it gently over the nori sheet taking care not to break the rice grain. Spread a little Japanese mayonnaise across the nori sheet. Lay small fish slices and vegetables on top. Lift the edge of the mat closest to you with both hands by putting your thumbs under the mat while lifting, use your fingers to hold the filling in place and roll.



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