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Horoscopes: February 17 - 23

Find out what the stars have in store for your this week

Shelley von Strunckel
5 Feb 2015 | 12:00 am


Mar 20 – Apr 18

Clashes are in the air. These climax by Wednesday’s run-in between your ruler Mars and the planet of power struggles, Pluto. While they’re unavoidable, take things slowly. Initially, you’ll gather valuable facts about the people or situations involved. Then discuss matters and you’ll recognise how you could have handled things better, and achieve your goals without time-consuming dramas.


Apr 19 – May 19

Being ruled by the diplomatic Venus, you’ve an instinctive understanding why it’s wise to play it cool. Be sociable but steer clear of potentially tricky matters. Watch, wait and observe while February’s second eclipse, on the 26th, rearranges both existing plans and others’ objectives. After that, begin discussing future plans. However, you’ve so many options, you’ll want to take it slowly.


May 20 – Jun 20

Between stunning aspects involving the fortunate Jupiter and the Sun, on the 11th, and your ruler Mercury on Tuesday the 21st, you’re excited. But making solid plans isn’t easy. The trick is to discuss your ideas, listen to those of others and talk through various possibilities. This gives you vital flexibility for when changes arise, as is inevitable between now and the end of the month.


Jun 21 – Jul 21

As a Cancerian, you’re more attuned to the lunar cycle than most. While you’re coping with the ups and downs triggered by the current pair of eclipses, those around you aren’t. Obviously, you’re tempted to discuss this. Don’t. Instead, do lots of listening, be sympathetic but offer minimal advice. This may seem uncaring now but in this particular case, others need to learn for themselves.


Jul 22 – Aug 21

Having wrestled with issues involving those closest, in your personal or working life, you’ve cleared up confusion and restored harmony, so will be happy to move on to something new. Next you’ll be focusing on practical and financial matters, some simple but neglected, others in the midst of dramatic change. Tackle these now but forget about finalising decisions until early March.


Aug 22 – Sept 21

Don’t be alarmed if every day of this complex week substantially alters others’ plans, circumstances or your priorities. This is no surprise, since you’re in the run up to the pivotal Pisces eclipsed New Moon, on the 26th, which triggers changes in both your thinking and your circumstances. Some will be a relief, many entirely unexpected but all will prove to be timely.


Sept 22 – Oct 22

While, obviously, you’d rather sidestep dramas involving already tense issues, they’ll arise between now and early March, and in various forms. Because you’re tackling them anyway, you’ll be tempted to do so all at once. Instead, take things in stages. With the actual circumstances shifting, you’ll still need to reorganise arrangements. Doing it slowly is far easier.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Sometimes obstacles are exactly that, a misunderstanding or situation to be overcome. However, those you’re currently facing, which are indicated by the hot-headed Mars’s clash with your ruler Pluto, are about being forthright about issues yet staying calm and, most of all, considering the possibility you could be in the wrong. Once you do, miracles are possible.


Nov 22 – Dec 20

Not only will you have no objection to the changes that arise both before and after the eclipse, on the 26th, you’ll be hugely relieved that you’re able to rethink certain increasingly dull arrangements. But others won’t feel that way, which means you must both downplay your enthusiasm and, when it comes to alterations, take it slowly. Excited as you’re feeling, there’s no real hurry.


Dec 21 – Jan 18

Usually, standing up to unreasonable demands or those who’re making trouble because they seem to enjoy it is no problem. Still, before you say a word or take action, carefully check out the facts, especially events behind the scenes. This will be informative but, even more, could shock you into realising you’ve drawn the wrong conclusions. It’s helpful now and a big lesson for the future.


Jan 19 – Feb 17

If you’ve questions to ask or things to say, do so now. You may be busy with all sorts of obligations, but with things moving swiftly, you’ll want to discuss your concerns, and soon enough so you can rethink both existing arrangements and future plans. The irony is, while these are simple, they could, if ignored for even a week, blossom into serious misunderstandings or dilemmas.


Feb 18 – Mar 19

Although you can’t prepare for the unexpected, that is, the events triggered by the powerful Pisces eclipsed New Moon, on the 26th, you can ensure whatever plans you make are easy to reorganise. This gives you both the time and space necessary to delve into both exciting ideas and unanticipated changes. What’s least expected could, when you learn more, be a dream come true.

Shelley von Strunckel

Shelley von Strunckel

Illustrations by Hatty Peder