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Horoscopes: May 19 - 25

Find out what the stars have in store for your this week

Shelley von Strunckel
5 Feb 2015 | 12:00 am


Mar 20 – Apr 18

Thrilling as the events reshaping your life may be, they’re also overwhelming. That’s the nature of this period. Knowing that, go with the flow, conscious you can reorganise things once the dust settles, in early June. For now, focus on learning as much as you can about the changing circumstances and the people involved. They’re as excited, and as short of facts, as you are.


Apr 19 – May 19

Ordinarily you’d never agree to ideas or offers you don’t fully understand. While these involve what you’ve been hoping for, they would take matters further than you conceived possible, so you’ve mixed feelings. Get involved but ensure everybody’s clear you’re exploring your options. The resulting insights will allow you to take things to the next stage while you’re still negotiating.3

May 20 – Jun 20

Everybody seems confident how both recent exciting events and your own arrangements should be handled but, irritatingly, nobody’s asking about your views. The input of others is vital but it’s unlikely your mind, or potential plans, will be clear until after the Gemini New Moon, on the 25th. For now your priority is exploration. You’ll make decisions but probably not until early June.


Jun 21 – Jul 21

While there’s been talk of rethinking elements of your domestic or working life, suddenly those plans have turned into action. This is as exciting as it is worrying, especially when it comes to the many details you’ll have to deal with. Forget about trying to organise these yourself. Get others involved. They’ve good ideas and are eager to give you a hand, but you must ask.5

Jul 22 – Aug 21

Ordinarily you’re self-sufficient. However, recent events were overwhelming. Actually, with your ruler the Sun and the New Moon, on the 25th, both accenting teamwork, the sooner you get others involved, the better. Gathering the necessary facts will take time. In the meanwhile eliminate outdated arrangements and reviewing certain long-standing but no longer relevant goals.


Aug 22 – Sept 21

Unsettling as recent events have been, they’re bringing timely breakthroughs. True, you’re short of facts but so are others. Work together, both exploring joint options and on potential plans. Also, even simple arrangements are likely to change, and often. Knowing that, forget about making a master plan and, instead, experiment before you attempt to organise anything lasting.


Sept 22 – Oct 22

Ideas or offers are as exciting as they are sudden, which means organising plans or arrangements while still short of facts. If so, that’s no problem, as long as you ensure it’s clear you’re still finding your way. Then do exactly that, explore what’s already planned and, equally, your options, knowing that before anything can be regarded as settled, you’ll go through several versions.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Last-minute changes in both your own plans and priorities, and in the circumstances you’re dealing with, may be disruptive. But they’re also breaking up old, and often restrictive, patterns. There’s no denying the resulting chaos will be annoying. Still, trust instincts that say even seemingly unsettling developments will turn out to be in your best interests.


Nov 22 – Dec 20

Your biggest problem with the dynamic, often chaotic, but always exciting events taking place isn’t coping with the unexpected. Actually, you’re rather enjoying it. The real challenge is dealing with those who view these as something to be resisted, if not ignored. The issue is these people don’t yet recognise their promise. Encourage them to be patient. They’ll soon thank you for it.



Dec 21 – Jan 18

The current powerful planetary set-up doesn’t just favour you, as a Capricorn. You’ll be delighted how events get stalled arrangements from that past moving, all while new and exciting ideas are paving the way to future plans. The only problem? Having the courage to, at long last, stop making excuses for those that simply aren’t working, and to put them behind you, once and for all.11

Jan 19 – Feb 17

Every once in a while, life surprises you with a completely unexpected idea or an offer so astonishing you’ve no idea how to respond. In every case, the answer is to express interest, then get involved with learning as much as you can. Once you’re more familiar with what they’re about, you’ll exchange the doubts or worries you’ve been wrestling with for pure enthusiasm.12

Feb 18 – Mar 19

You’ve a tendency to fight for the underdog, even when the situation isn’t that dramatic, as is the case now. However, you could also be using this as an excuse to sidestep offers or ideas that would lead to changes in your own life. These are brilliant but, bizarrely, you’re anxious. This could have something to do with feeling guilty about your good fortune.

Shelley von Strunckel

Shelley von Strunckel

Illustrations by Hatty Peder