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Horoscopes: October 13 - 19

Find out what the stars have in store for your this week

Shelley von Strunckel
17 Aug 2017 | 12:00 am


Mar 20 – Apr 18

The obligations and details you’re dealing with may not be exciting. But they’re not only about tidying up your life. The insights you gain about what did and didn’t work, who’s reliable and most importantly, what you truly enjoy doing, will shape crucial decisions you’ll be making soon. While some involve existing arrangements as many are about new and exciting ideas or offers.    


Apr 19 – May 19

Usually, planning ahead is wise. But with frequent shifts in both existing and long term plans, mostly in welcome ways, you’re better off being flexible about what you organise now and for the future and, just as much, about saying farewell to those that are familiar. Then explore everything, since what seems least welcome could, within a week or so, become a thrilling addition to your life.  


May 20 – Jun 20

Because you’re inquisitive, you’re often first to learn about new ideas. While some you’re currently hearing about are merely intriguing, others could contribute to timely if unexpected changes in your way of living or working. Sudden as they would be, at least explore them. What you learn will, at minimum, be inspiring, but could be the beginning of something as rewarding as it is surprising.


Jun 21 – Jul 21

With so much going on, pausing to reflect on your priorities may seem pointless. However, judging by the power of Thursday’s New Moon, which brings a much needed fresh perspective on the structure of your life, at home and out in the world, the insights you gain will be worth it. This new clarity will give you the confidence to make crucial, if not life-changing, decisions.  


Jul 22 – Aug 21

As much as you enjoy living life in the fast lane, the reorganisation now being proposed seems unnecessary. However, with both Mercury and your ruler the Sun powerfully aspecting Uranus, planet of innovation, it’s time to break away from familiar arrangements. This is so powerful that before October’s close, you’ll have agreed to the changes you currently regard as very worrying.


Aug 22 – Sept 21

You’ve been wrestling with ideas that, while promising, would mean altering elements of your lifestyle, and for as yet unclear benefits. While, as a sensible earth sign, you’re wary, you can’t help being intrigued, and rightly so. While some of your questions have straightforward answers, other concerns can only be addressed by experience. And that involves taking things to the next stage.  


Sept 22 – Oct 22

Usually Thursday’s Libra New Moon would mark a sort of personal New Year. You’d decide what works, what you want more of and, equally, what should go. While in some situations you’ll know, in as many you’ll be unsure what’s best. That’s as it should be. Take action where you can and, as to the rest, recognise that they’ll require more time and patience.   


Oct 23 – Nov 21

While there’s no arguing Jupiter’s move into Scorpio has kick-started a year long period of growth and good fortune, along the way there will be shakeups and surprises. Not only should you expect them, you’re urged to explore everything, even if it’s because of what you’ll learn or those you’ll meet. Discuss both changes and new ideas, but commit to nothing just yet.    


Nov 22 – Dec 20

Ordinarily, you’re not only the first to discover intriguing people, places and ideas, you’ll have gotten involved while others are still puzzling out what they’re about. Yet with your ruler Jupiter newly arrived in the most intuitive portion of your chart, your decisions will be more complex but also more strategic. As important, the outcome will take you into thrilling, if unfamiliar, new territory.


Dec 21 – Jan 18

Because you gather the necessary facts before making decisions, generally, they last. Yet with so much in transition, what seemed straightforward situations only recently aren’t just complex, they’re confusing. You’re not alone in facing this unsettled state of affairs. Discuss your concerns and you’ll benefit from a fresh perspective and, better yet, new allies. 

Jan 19 – Feb 17

There are few things you enjoy as much as conversing about intriguing ideas with people whose thinking is stimulating. This is exactly what October’s second half is all about. However, with so much in transition, even those who’re usually well informed will be short of facts. While that’s to be expected, you’ll still be impatient when the information you seek will take its own time to surface.  


Feb 18 – Mar 19

You’re benefitting from October’s promising but unsettling planetary activity. While it will influence every sign in some way, and most are already enjoying the fruits of these developments, others will be struggling with changes, possibly because they haven’t yet fully understood their potential. Ordinarily, you’d lend a hand. Don’t. This time they need to figure things out on their own. 

Shelley von Strunckel

Shelley von Strunckel

Illustrations by Hatty Peder