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Horoscopes: October 20 - 26

Find out what the stars have in store for your this week

Shelley von Strunckel
17 Aug 2017 | 12:00 am


Mar 20 – Apr 18

If ever there was a time to think big, it’s now. However, while you’re usually self-sufficient, judging by the powerful planetary alignment in the partnership angle of your chart, you’ll both want and need the support of others. Urgent as decisions seem, with the actual circumstances in transition, ensure any plans are flexible enough that, as their foundation shifts, they can be easily altered.    


Apr 19 – May 19

While you’ve complained often that others leave everything to you, now that decisions actually are out of your hands, you’re anxious. Judging by the positive planetary line up accenting the individuals in question, they’re both able and willing to turn already good ideas into something extraordinary. And you? Focus on disentangling yourself from arrangements that, increasingly, are holding you back.  


May 20 – Jun 20

Reorganising the practical side of your life, dealing with work or health issues may not sound exciting. But knowing the planetary setup until early November promises to streamline even persistent issues that might rouse your interest. This isn’t just the case, the ideas you encounter and people you meet could lead to options that hadn’t crossed your mind or simply weren’t possible.


Jun 21 – Jul 21

Balancing life’s pleasures and its obligations always involves juggling time, others’ requirements and your own needs. But now that certain amazing ideas or offers are in the air, the stakes are so high you’re anxious. You needn’t be. Not only are the planets backing you, the Sun’s superb alliance with Jupiter, on Thursday, suggests things could go better than you conceive possible.  


Jul 22 – Aug 21

For ages you’ve been battling changes in the structure of your domestic activities, life out in the world or both. Yet with fortunate Jupiter accenting these matters and, better yet, meeting your ruler the Sun on Thursday, not only will the actual situation improve, so will your mood. Enough that, at last, you’ll begin giving serious thought to those changes. Go for it. You’ll never regret it.


Aug 22 – Sept 21

Only weeks ago, you simply wouldn’t have considered certain life-changing ideas or offers. In fact, you may have already turned them down. However, with the mighty Jupiter having just moved into this portion of your chart, not only are the potential rewards getting more exciting by the day, you’re getting braver. Give it a go. You’ll only regret what you didn’t try, not what you did.  


Sept 22 – Oct 22

Between the Libra New Moon on the 19th and having your ruler Venus and, as of Sunday, the forthright Mars in your sign, your thinking and objectives will be clearer. Discuss the facts of the situation with those whose insights you value. Since you’ll have little to discuss or debate and the necessary steps will be clear, the decision-making process will be quick and easy.   


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Luck can appear in many forms. While, ordinarily, you’d be unsure whether certain appealing offers are as good as they seem, this week is different. The events triggered by the potent link between the Sun and fortunate Jupiter should make it abundantly clear how worthwhile these are. If you hesitate, or insist on investigating further, it will be out of sheer stubbornness and little else.    


Nov 22 – Dec 20

Usually you’re the leader with exciting ideas, pursuits and places. Yet with both the Sun and your ruler Jupiter newly positioned in the most reflective part of your chart, you’re looking within, questioning elements of your life you simply regard as unchanging. What you do, learn or who you meet this week could trigger a journey of self-discovery as exciting as it will be worthwhile.


Dec 21 – Jan 18

Out of character as leaving even minor decisions, tasks and long term plans to others may be, you’ve begun a cycle that’s about doing exactly that. This isn’t about escaping duty but, rather, focusing on certain unaccustomed matters. But, also, in the process, you’ll be learning from the choices those left in charge of things make. Take it slowly. You’re in unfamiliar but thrilling territory. 

Jan 19 – Feb 17

Because you’re both sociable and genuinely interested in others and the world around you, it seems inconceivable you can be so stubborn about certain matters. Yet events are triggering an intense reaction. Until it’s questioned, you don’t realise you have options. This week’s about exactly that. Once those options are clear, you’ll feel a thrilling new freedom, one you didn’t realise was possible.  


Feb 18 – Mar 19

Witnessing plans you’ve struggled to organise and personal dreams come undone is disappointing but you’re conscious that, because times are changing, these wouldn’t be as rewarding as you hoped. In letting them go you’re clearing the way to focus on certain new, and still delicate, plans. Invest in these, with your ideas and, where appropriate, your heart. You will be repaid abundantly. 

Shelley von Strunckel

Shelley von Strunckel

Illustrations by Hatty Peder