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Ten reasons why you shouldn't stress over your wedding day

Cathy Paul-Fijten, owner, Blue Ocean Marine Interiors, Dubai, lists her top ten reasons why your wedding day should be stress-free

As told to Hina Navin
20 Jun 2013 | 05:45 pm
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1. The day will pass so quickly you really won’t have time to care if your adorable little flower girl throws a tantrum at the ceremony, or if the priest gets your name wrong in front of your 390 laughing family and friends.

2. Only your elderly aunts will remember whether you ordered fresh orchids, commissioned a new species of genetically manipulated giant black tulips or simply used common white roses. Most of your guests will not even remember if there were flowers.

3. You can wear a beautiful Vera Wang gown or a local tailor’s ill-fitting creation – your groom will still think he’s the luckiest man alive to be marrying you.

4. Relax about the logistics. There will always be loved ones who unexpectedly organise themselves and take care of whatever may be necessary, while you shine on undisturbed.

5. Turning into Bridezilla is not particularly pretty. Pre-wedding stress tends to ruin your complexion. Plus that greenish hue on your skin won’t really complement your dress.

6. Those beautiful details that had you glued to your computer until 3am for the past few months are not really that necessary. Try to remember what you do with all those lovely (ie useless) wedding favours… yup.

7. Shoes are not that important after all; if not hidden under your dress, you will end up tossing them away halfway through the evening, promising yourself that you’ll never wear those killer heels again.

8. Thankfully the day ends with a party. At which point all of you are happily dancing and bellies are full. What flavour cake was it, again?

9. You won’t remember most of the details anyway. Even your guests will eventually forget all the niggling bits that went wrong. All you will be left with is a great feeling.

10. The next day you will wake up on a honeymoon paradise island. Really, who cares about anything else?

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As told to Hina Navin

As told to Hina Navin