Step 1 Line the lips with a nude or brown lip liner

Step 2 Colour in the liner towards the side of your mouth

Step 3 Mix a gold colour pigment with a make-up mixing gel or clear lipgloss

The final step Apply the pigment to the whole of your lips being careful to keep within the line. Let to dry for 30 seconds and voila!

The products

MAC Mixing Medium, Dh69

Inglot Pure Pigment Eyeshadow, Dh80


Step 1 Apply bronzer to the hollow of your cheekbones to create a contour effect.

Step 2 Apply a golden or rose gold highlighter above your cheekbones.

Step 3 Apply a golden blusher to the centre of your cheeks.

The final step Dust over the whole of your cheek with a golden bronzer or dust.

The products

Nars blush-bronzer duo in Laguna, Dh155

Benefit Sun Beam Golden Bronze Liquid Highlighter, Dh130


Step 1 After prepping your nails paint your nail in two coats of gold polish.

Step 2 Using nail striping tape create a triangle shape in the middle of each nail.

Step 3 Paint the inside of the triangle with a cream of white polish. Repeat with second coat, leave to dry and remove the tap.

The final step Apply a top coat to you nails to seal the colour and make sure it lasts longer.

The products

Nail Striping Tape (bundle of 10), Dh9.95, available at

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Game of Chromes 510 2, Dh43

Day Time Eyes

Step 1 Cover your full lid with a gold pigment or eyeshadow

Step 2 Apply a very thin line of black eyeliner to the lid of your eye.

Step 3 Apply black mascara to you top and bottom lashes.

The final step Add highlighter under your brows and in the corner of your eyes to complete your look.

The products

Sephora Stylographic Fine Line Linder Dh72

Make Up For Ever Eye Cream, Dh120

Night Time Eyes

Step 1 With a brown or bronze eye shadow draw an outline around your eyelid making sure you extend outside the lid.

Step 2 Fill in the outline with the same or a slightly darker colour. Make sure your chosen eyeshadow has a shimmer to it.

Step 3 Go over the main lid of your eye with a bright gold eyeshadow or pigment.

The final step Go over the outside of your eye with a final touch of brown shadow to give a smoky eye effect.

The products

Marc Jacobs eyeshadow, Dh190

MAC eyeshadow pigment, Dh129

Hair and Make-up: Bianca Hartkopf at MMG

Model: Ani S at The AgenC