Tell us about the latest range in your brand – who is it for?

The latest Detox range is for cleansing and detoxing the scalp to ensure shiny and care free hair. As I always say, Joelle Paris products are made with kind ingredients and are for everyone!

How often do you release new products?

It takes time to develop our products; Joelle Paris was founded after 4 years of research! We take a lot of time to understand the needs, the problem and then try to find the best mix using only the best ingredients, those are gentle and safe. Joelle Paris brings a new range almost every season, to match the needs of our clients.

How do you decide what to come up with next? Do your clients in the salon have an impact on what you create?

Of course. We listen very carefully to our clients. In fact, this was the foundation of Joelle Paris. I had a [hair] salon but I felt like our women needed something to take care of their skin and hair. I know they love make up and they like to look good , but somewhere between all that, there is not much importance paid to healthy hair and skin, good nourishment and the fact that make up only enhances your original skin

Do you have feedback from the users of your products and what do they tell you?

Yes, we do! Our social media pages are a huge source of feedback apart from emails and orders.

What are the biggest issues that women here face with their hair?

Many people use hair products without understanding or reading the information. I feel like hair curling and straightening products are also over used; people don’t look into what they are investing in and that harms the hair in the long run. Hair loss is definitely a huge problem people face here along with thinning and frizzy hair. As we also live in a hot and humid climate, some days it is essential to soothe your scalp and hair, of all the effect of summer.

What are the biggest issues you personally have with your hair and is your own brand a way of solving those?

Because I do shoot a lot, I attend a lot of events; every day styling is a must for my hair, which is thin. Also, my hair does not grow super-fast. Due to these reasons, I use hair extensions. I have loved using the Blow Shine hair spray with amazing properties to smooth out hair and keep it silky and shiny along with the hair extensions.

What are the values that you keep in mind when you create, produce and market your products?

Joelle Paris was created because I knew the gap in the market when it came to products that targeted the problems faced by people in the Middle East. All our products are made in the best Laboratories in Paris but focus on the skin and hair problems in this region. For the marketing part, Joelle Paris is much loved by people. We send our products to a lot of bloggers and celebrities in the region who happily use and review our products because of the gentle, effective results. I am so happy to hear my colleagues and friends complement the range.

What makes something “Joelle”?

Real things and authenticity is always something I speak strongly about! I always like to keep the natural, simple things intact. Something Joelle is always smart, statement making and feminine.

Detox Shampoo, Dh90; Detox Mask Dh13, available at Galeries Lafayette and