John Luke, creative and educational director at Elie & Jean, says that while trends for hair come and go, the must-have style of the moment is glass hair – uber shiny, smooth locks. The sleeker look takes over from big curly or wavy, bouncy Hollywood waves. ‘Also it’s all about colour now – various different shades. So rather than more aggressive strong haircuts, now hair is more simple, feminine and smoother.’

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And if glass hair is good enough for Kim Kardashian and her sisters, it’s good enough for us. John says women in the Middle East look to emulate Kim K-style Hollywood looks more than street fashion as in London or New York, with the region’s penchant for glam fashion like LA. ‘Which means with so many women watching Kim’s tresses, it automatically translates into what’s offered at the salon.’

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On the topic of salon-worthy locks, a common mistake John says he sees women make is putting too much product on, or put too much to the roots and not evenly distribute it through the hair. ‘This is the main reason people have problem with products. So many women will say “oh we hate products” but that’s because the hairdresser hasn’t properly educated them on how to apply it so it doesn’t end up sticky and messy.’

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What’s the one tip he’d give women seeking fabulous hair? ‘Use leave-in conditioner,’ he says. ‘That’s something everyone misses out. There are different types, of course – more spray-on lighter forms and heavier liquid forms – but what they all do is create a base for the hair for when you put any other product on. It hydrates hair and stops it drying out so quickly. It’s kind of like the base of a cake – you need it before you put on anything else, and if you don’t have it, everything that goes on top is not going to work.’