You might think of beauty trends only relating to make-up – maybe your nails – but the looks that master hair stylists create backstage at fashion weeks and catwalk shows have an equally strong impact on what us mere mortals then ask for in our salons from our regular hairdressers. And the good news is they’re looks that actually translate into real life. No asymmetric mohawks here, thank you. Read on to find out the four looks that you need to cut out and keep and take to your stylist to recreate. You can thank us later.

The Colour: Punchy pastels

As seen at: Pastel colours have been around for a few seasons now but this A/W17, designer Ryan Lo wanted to amp his models up and go for slightly more vibrant pastel shades citing Hello Kitty dolls as his inspiration. At Versace, colourist extraordinaire Josh Wood, applied pre-coloured pieces to models for flashes of taxi cab yellow, vibrant blue and magenta pink.

What to ask for: Ok, so you might not want to copy the look from Ryan Lo exactly, but either a wash of pastel all over, dipped ends or even just a flash of colour underneath a la Versace, are great options. Now, this look does come with some prep work. ‘Your natural hair will have to be pre-lightened to take it up to a white blonde,’ explains Jessica Zurowski, stylist at Pastels Salon in Jumeirah. This will obviously take a bit more work and maintenance the darker you are, but it’s totally achievable. ‘To keep the hair strong, your colourist should use add a hair bonder into your colour – such as L’Oréal’s Smartbond or INNOluxe – they will help protect the hair as it gets lifted.’ Then it’s time to choose your pastel shade. With colours like this, it’s really whatever your heart desires but as a general rule of thumb blondes look great with pinks and peaches, brunettes can look to purples and blues.

TOP TIP: ‘Pastel colours, even when they’re ramped up like this, do fade after a few washes so you will need to be prepared to have your colour touched up more frequently. And to keep your hair in the best possible condition, you must use professional haircare products,’ advises Jessica.

The Style: Slick and sleek

As seen at: At Erdem, hair stylist Anthony Turner created a strong centre parting and then greased the hair back into a low ponytail. He then did a similar look for J.W. Anderson but this time the parting was taken to the side as was the pony. However the hair was equally slicked. At Oscar de la Renta the hair was tied back into high ponytails with the front being covered in gloss and serum so that there was no frizz in sight.

What to ask for: Whether you’re doing it yourself or going to a stylist, the key to getting your hair look slicked and sleek, and greasy is to start with clean hair. The other trick here is to not slick the entire length of your hair. Do as Turner did and just focus around the hairline so that the rest of your hair is its natural texture. That way you will get the obvious contrast between sleek and smooth.

TOP TIP: The product combo you need for this look is a mix of a gel-based cream applied first and a wet look hairspray to fix into place. We love Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme, Dh100 and Oribe Superfine Hairspray, Dh145.

The Cut: The Bella bob

As seen at: New York’s Met Gala isn’t technically a catwalk show, but it really should be as it’s when the finest fashion designers pick a muse/ celebrity/ model to walk the red carpet with them and show off their designs to fit in with that year’s theme. And this year the eyes were averted from the dresses and drawn to a very specific haircut that stole the show, as two of the biggest names opted to show it off on the same night. Both Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian West chose the 2017 gala as the time to showcase their newly chopped-off locks, with both sporting super-sleek and straight bobs. A huge transformation for two women who were known for their long hair. Of course, the bob is not exactly a new trend, it’s around every season in some shape and form but this is the first time, in a long time, that we’ve seen it be so true to the original Sassoon-created bob of the ’60s and we’ve got Bella and Kim to thank for that.

What to ask for: ‘This is a great modern take on the classic bob. It’s a bit longer in style but shorter than the “lob” that’s been the bob length of choice for the last few seasons,’ says Karl Warner, stylist at Pastels Salon in the Ritz Carlton. ‘This cut is ideal for fine to medium hair as it will create the illusion of fullness and thickness.’ However that doesn’t mean that curly or hair with a natural wave in it can’t rock the look too, you just need to make sure your stylist can cut accordingly. “If you have very thick or very curly hair then your stylist just needs to approach the cut differently so that it doesn’t end up giving you a triangular shape.”

TOP TIP: This is the cut that just keeps on giving as it will look better and better as it grows out. “It’s a really low maintenance style but if you want to keep the exact style, and the precision of the cut, then I would recommend you have a trim every 6-8 weeks,” says Karl.

The Accessory: Take a bow

As seen at: At Temperley, chunky, black velvet ribbon was tied round the hair, Alice in Wonderland-style and secured in a bow just slightly off centre at the back. Black velvet was also the ribbon of choice at Tory Burch where hair was tied back into a pony at the nape of the neck and secured with an oversized bow. And at Emilia Wickstead, Luke Hersheson, John Frieda’s creative director, put the hair half up and dressed it with a long length of… you guessed it, black velvet ribbon.

What to ask for: Of course how you sport your ribbon is totally up to you but your hair length may play a part in how best to wear it. If you have long hair then the world is your ribboned oyster, as you have enough hair to disguise where you tie and secure the ribbon. Shorter hair lengths may be best opting for the Tory Burch look. They key is how to keep your ribbon in position so you’re not having to adjust it the whole time. ‘The best way to secure a ribbon is with some well-hidden bobby bins. You want to be placing them underneath so your hair helps camouflage them,” says Jessica. However she also has an extra genius tip, “Spray the bottom of the ribbon or apply a gel based product onto it, it will then have some extra stickiness to it and you can then stick it into place.’ Redken Braid Aid, Dh90 is ideal for this.

TOP TIP: Of course you can go and buy some fancy ribbon to adorn your hair, but as you might not know what length you need until you’re creating your look, and you might need to cut it once you’ve got it in place, why not just wait until your next net-a-porter order drops and use the gift wrap ribbon from that instead!