Maria Dowling Salon is one of Dubai’s most respected hair salons, so it’s of little surprise that it was recently awarded Best Salon at the Professional Beauty Awards 2018. As the weather heats up, we asked creative director Maria how to care for hair in the sun.

‘Many of us still think that the hair and scalp isn’t something we need to worry about,’ says Maria. ‘Wrong! While your hair doesn’t burn like the skin does, the damage shows in other ways – dry, dull and brittle locks. Add salt water or chlorine to the mix and you’re potentially heading for damage that can take months to reverse.’ Here are Maria’s tips to showing your tresses some summer loving.

✱ The scalp can be damaged as much as the hair. Try to avoid a parting if you’re tying your hair back, or switch partings after a few hours if you’re in the sun all day. If you can’t bear the thought of a slicked-back ponytail, make sure you apply a minimum SPF30 sunscreen to your parting, and don’t forget your ears and the back of your neck, too.

✱ Coloured hair can easily fade in the sun, so cover up with a hat or scarf. Not a hat person? Opt for a product that both moisturises and shields your hair from the sun. Apply a layer of Kerastase Reflection Masque Chromatique (Dh226), which contains Vitamin E and UV filters, and sweep your hair into a topknot or a braid before a day at the beach. When you rinse your hair at night, it will be soft… and protected.

✱ Before jumping into the pool or the sea, wet your hair in the shower first. This creates a barrier to prevent the hair from soaking up chlorine or salt.

✱ If it all fails and you find you’re left with a burnt, flaky scalp, go for an all-natural product that is going to moisturise, remove the dead cells and bring some life to your locks again. I recommend mariadowling Hair & Scalp Detox (Dh174), a clay with lovely essential oils. Apply to dry hair and scalp every 1-2 weeks. Call the salon on 04 345 4225.