Strange paradox this, but the biggest beauty and make-up trend of 2020 is related to ‘less made-up skin’.

The verdict: ‘SKIN IS IN’... The kind of healthy sheen that makes skin look naturally lit-from-within. In a more-inclusive era of beauty, this year the models are staring out of make-up ads with gorgeous glowing skin with minimal coverage.

Iridescent, glowing skin is the perfect base for each of these looks we picked for you.

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And since most of us are not blessed with flawless, glowing skin, the new-age make-believe make-up comes to our rescue. The key to a lit-from-within facial skin is pre-highlighting which means highlighting the skin even before applying the foundation. Once the skin is primed up with a primer, apply a few drops of liquid highlighter and let it settle. The resulting iridescent skin will be something you’ll want to show off and that means you can apply foundation or concealer with a lighter hand. This is a common runway skin prep trick to mimic naturally radiant skin on models. After this, go for light coverage foundation and follow this step with a hint of finishing powder highlighter so that the pearlescent radiance creates the perfect lit-from within natural glow. Fix with a make-up setting spray. If the extra step bothers you, go for new-age foundations and primers with in-built radiance ingredients, as they are also good to add a natural sheen to the skin.

Turn over to find out top make-up trends that will be ruling the beauty shelves this spring-summer.

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The Retro eyeliner look


Lovers of vintage glam, rejoice! Veronica Beard gave a thumbs up to retro cat eyeliner when she sent models down the New York Fashion Week runway with a vintage cat eye for her Spring 2020 ready-to-wear collection.

Eyes: The bold liquid eyeliner was a look perfected by the vintage era movie actresses across the globe. To nail this look, ditch the eyeshadow completely as the eyes are all about lining the upper eyelids in a clean yet dramatic black liquid liner stroke that ends with a classic cat eye flick. But, remember this bold liquid liner look can be a bit unforgiving and therefore it must be done without mistakes. If you’re a beginner to the cat eye, draw out the perfect flick with a sharp crayon eye pencil first, correct the mistakes if any, and then apply a final layer of black liquid liner over the pencil crayon line. In case of mistakes, clean with a Q-tip dipped lightly in make-up remover. We suggest you practice the perfect retro flick before your big date night.

Lips: To balance the heavy liner, go natural and pair soft pink glossy lips.

Cheeks: In keeping with the soft lips look, go for a soft pink blush on your already iridescent naturally glowing skin. Skip contouring and bronzing altogether so the eyes remain the focus of this look.

Hair: Go for clean, chic retro loose hair. One can create volume in parted loose hair, but avoid anything too laborious. After all, the modern update to this retro look lies in its air of effortlessness.

Outfit: You don’t have to carry forward the retro cat-eye look to your clothes as well. Opt for a modern, youthful outfit such as coordinated pant-suits, shorts-suits or formal jumpsuits. Think soft pastel colours such as pinks, nudes or greys.

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The bold red lip


The uber-fashionable bold cherry lip has always been a cult favourite with women of all ages and skin tones. And 2020 begins with a loud cheer as make-up brands are assuring us there’s a red lipstick to suit the entire spectrum of skin tones and texture preferences. The universal popularity of this classic look was very evident on the Spring 2020 fashion runways with major designers Moschino and Prada giving it a thumbs up at the Milan Fashion Week. Spring 2020 shows at the New York Fashion Week saw Dolce & Gabbana and Prabal Gurung also paying tribute to this classic red lip.

Lips: Channel your inner diva this season with the all-time classic red lip. When sporting a red lip, remember it’s a bold look that instantly puts your pout under the spotlight so make sure to throw in a few extra minutes to ensure it looks right. For a perfect red pout, prep the lips with a lip scrub of cinnamon, sugar granules and olive oil. Not only will this slough off any dead skin but will also plump up the lips.

Once lips are prepped, then create a neutral canvas by dabbing a drop of foundation over the lips. Now draw out the lip line with a pencil lipliner and fill in the lip colour with a brush blending the lip line seamlessly. Once done, dab the lips with a paper tissue and dust some powder over the first coat to lend it staying power.

Follow this with another coat of lipstick. Check and correct mistakes if any, and adjust the texture to your liking – we prefer a soft creamy matte finish, which can be achieved by dabbing a tissue on the lipstick ever so lightly.

Before stepping out, take a bit of red lip colour on the fingertip, mix it with a hint of concealer and dab it in the centre of the lower lip to highlight the pout.

Eyes: Skip eyeliner and eyeshadow altogether. As far as eyes go, shift higher as the brows are where everyone is looking on this season. Take a cue from Prabal Gurung’s look for Spring 2020 where he had paired a red pout with clean glowing skin and feathery brows. Fill in with a brow pencil the sparse brow areas but take care not to use excess brow powder or it might get smudged when you brush the brows. Now brush the eyebrows upwards in thick feather strokes lifting up the hairs. Finally, add mascara on the upper lashes to create naturally-defined lashes.

Cheeks: Skip bronzing and contouring with this look but add a hint of blush along the cheekbones for a healthy flush.

Outfit: For a fresh spring update, pair this red lip with a neutral-coloured outfit such as white, beige, grey or black. Nowadays the red lip goes well not just with flowy dresses and shimmer tops but also with formal trousers or even dark-coloured denims.

Word of caution: A red lip is a dressy look so don’t pair flipflops with this kind of red lipstick! Opt for a pair of dressy heels or boots with this look.

Hair: This dressy look demands dressy hair. So reach out for that blow dryer and choose between glamorous waves and sleek straight hair, to complete your stunning transformation.

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The pastel eyeshadow


This year, the spring 2020 runways are awash with soft pastel hues on the eyelids with designers such as Marc Jacobs sending supermodel Gigi Hadid down with pastel blue eyeshadow. But the full potential of this trend was mostly visible on the Max Mara SS 2020 runway at the Milan Fashion Week as the models came out in gorgeous statement pastel eyeshadows paired with gothic lips. While the universally flattering warm-toned shadows have had their share of spotlight seasons after seasons, but cool pastel hues haven’t been as loved up until now. But the SS 2020 catwalks are surely changing that.

Eyes: This spring, eyeshadows have gone cool-toned with hues of light blue, grey, lilac, light green, and lemon yellow taking centrestage. Prep the eyes with a touch of concealer and then lightly dab your fave pastel eyeliner crayon and instantly blend it over the entire eyelid. Dip a Q-tip in eye make-up remover and correct the mistakes if any. Smudging a crayon eyeliner gives more control over the colour intensity. Though one could pick a pastel eyeshadow palette to one’s liking too.

Cheeks: Ditch heavy bronzing and blend a blusher along the cheekbones to create a healthy flush.

Lips: Team pastel lids with gothic lips.

The lip colour in trend is the deepest burgundy, almost close to black. Take the cue from Max Mara Spring 2020 catwalk, where the bold goth lips were in complete contrast to the undefined soft pastel shadow on the eyelids. The vixen pout is best created by lining the lip line with a deep burgundy crayon and filling in the lipstick colour with a brush.

Outfit: This dressy make-up look will be a good accessory for formal outfits such as pants or dresses. Go for outfits in soft neutral shades of beige, grey, nudes or dull pinks.

Hair: Minimalist straight hair or an effortless up-do will be best suited to this dressy look. Avoid any overly glam hairstyle with this look.

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The Metallic Smokey eye


As Brandon Maxwell’s Spring 2020 looks have showcased, smokey eyes have been redefined for the warmer season and the eyeshadow pigments of pewter, bronze, brown and black have now taken on a metallic finish. This subtle liquid shimmer on the lids is flattering on everyone and has a very modern feel to it.

Eyes: With the shimmery shades blended all over the lids, one needn’t fret over balancing matte and shimmer pigments. Also while earlier you were saving up the metallic eye palettes for evening dos only, you’ll find this more natural version can even be worked during the daytime, especially when paired with nude brown lips. Skip eyeliner completely but finish the look with a dash of mascara over the upper and lower lashes.

Cheeks: Pair this seductive look with sculpted, bronzed cheeks. Sweep the bronzer brush over the cheekbones tracing the number 3 starting from near the temples and blend well.

Lips: For a cool, modern update of this smokey eye look pair it with a wet look glossy pout. Create a nude lip using a natural brown liquid lip colour and then add a coat of clear gloss over it.

Outfit: Go for a glam dress or top and skirt combo with this seductive smokey eye make-up look. In case, you want to go for vibrant hues such as red or fuchsia, they work well with this soft make-up look.

Hair: Go for a glam soft curls or glam waves hairstyles with this make-up look.

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